what is the best asset tracking software

If you’re looking for asset tracking software, you’ll already know that it can be a little confusing. There are different tagging options and software designed for quite different purposes. This can make it challenging to know which is the best asset tracking software for your business. We think a good place to start is to know what features are out there and which are the best – so that your life is made a whole lot easier.

Whether it’s core functionality or all the bells and whistles you’re looking for, the best asset tracking software always has a few features that are worth the investment.

Let’s get stuck in and answer the question – what can the best asset tracking software let you do?


Track and Manage with Asset Tags

The core functionality of tracking and managing your assets involves the use of asset tags to track and manage asset use and movement.

Every scan of an asset’s tag should automatically update the last seen GPS location and the user who scanned the asset. Without this, the additional accountability you’re trying to gain with an asset tracking software is lost at the first hurdle.

Being able to add location information, whether it’s specific or related to rooms and buildings (or both!), is essential in any asset tracking software. This is particularly true if you’re tracking the whereabouts of assets within a building, rather than from site to site, due to the inaccuracy of GPS addresses inside buildings.


Maintenance and Issues Management

The best asset tracking software will also allow you to track and manage any and all different kinds of maintenance.

This could mean reactive maintenance, but it could also mean routine maintenance. Being able to track both, and to be able to track both separately is essential.

Being able to see which assets have required a lot of maintenance allows better decision-making. For example, if one of your IT assets, such as a laptop, has required a lot of reactive maintenance over the last month, you’ll know it’s more economical to replace it than to repair it yet another time.


Share your Assets

Sharability is the future. The best asset tracking software must be scalable. If it limits your usage to one user, it’s a lot more difficult to create an automated, transparent, and effective audit trail.

Asset tracking software is supposed to minimise the possibility of human error, and the amount of time that would otherwise be spent on updating spreadsheets. As location information is updated per scan, the ability to scan an asset’s tag every time it changes hand creates a simple and speedy audit trail. 

There’ll also be the ability for more people to add maintenance information and contribute to your auditing, as each change against an asset will end up in an effective reporting system. For example, if you want to see how long a contractor has had one of your machines for to charge them the correct amount, run a quick report and you’ll find the data you need.


Booking Management System

Being able to book your assets, and check them in and out is also essential in the best asset tracking software. This way, you’ll know instantly who is using which assets, and when they are due back. You’ll also have the guarantee that the critical asset you need next month is reserved for your usage and can’t be booked out by anyone else.


Reporting and Auditing

Finally, the best asset tracking software will use all the data you collect on the go to assist you in creating customisable and useful reports.

Being able to audit your assets using one system and all of the data that is gathered and stored in it goes a long way to fully streamlining a lot of your business processes.

The best asset tracking software will also automatically generate a fixed asset register at the click of a button, with a highly limited chance of ghost and zombie assets.

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