3 Reasons you Need Asset Register Software

Asset register software is a system where you can log, view, and monitor your business-critical assets. It’s helpful across all industries, from healthcare to construction to churches to charities.

With asset register software, you’ll be able to lose fewer assets, spend less money, and save time on your day to day operations. Create a more efficient business by tracking on monitoring your things!


using asset register software


You’ll Spend Less On Assets

Without asset register software, you’ll be more likely to lose tools and equipment, spend money on duplicates, and buy unnecessary assets. 

Because you don’t have the data of what is used, how frequently, and by how many people, it’s much more difficult to make business-centred decisions on what to buy.
Asset register software helps with this. Having an asset register shows you what you own, and with the use of QR code asset tags, how frequently it moves between sites and is interacted with.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

This data shows you which assets move and are used frequently and which largely remain in one place. With this data, you’ll be able to make better-informed decisions related to which assets you need.

Also, thanks to GPS asset tracking, you’ll also be able to mitigate costs related to asset theft. In the construction industry, for example, theft of tools is a huge problem.

When you use GPS tags, however, you’ll be able to set up geofences to ensure tools remain in the correct location.


GPS tracking


You’ll Save Time With More Efficient Operations

Asset register software also saves you time. Thanks to GPS and geolocation capabilities, you’ll be able to see where your assets are at any given moment.

The time-saving capabilities don’t stop here, however. You’ll also be able to book assets in advance to indicate that they’re not available for use, allowing for better time management in your business.

To name just a few of the time-saving capabilities, you’ll be able to:

  • Book assets and check them in and out
  • Track and manage maintenance, minimising asset downtime costs
  • Assign assets to users, so you know who is in charge of what
  • Run speedy reports to see all the data you need
  • Track locations, as well as how long assets have been in a given location


save time with asset register software


You’ll Be Able To Export Your Fixed Asset Register

Finally, you’ll be able to export all of this data. What this means is that everything your asset register software collects will be visible, editable, and exportable thanks to a streamlined reporting system.

So, you’ll be able to run reports on which assets have been seen and used over the course of a week, for example. If you then want to show this data to your manager, boss, or procurement team, you’ll be able to export the data and therefore justify the expense.

Overall, the data you collect during your asset tracking processes is not only easily visible, but it’s malleable. This means that you’ll be able to add filters to your reports so that you can see exactly what you need to, exactly when you need to.

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