Why You Should Track Workspace Equipment

Why You Should Track Workspace Equipment

Equipment management should be an essential part of your operations. With equipment management, you get more accountability, a clean audit trail, and time and cost savings.

So, why should you track workspace equipment? Quite simply to increase safety, save time and save money.

Money saving Asset Tracking

What Is Equipment Management?

Equipment management is the discipline of logging your equipment and tracking its data. With successful equipment management systems in place, you’ll know what you own, where it is and any key asset information.

Managing your equipment means the ability to see what’s damaged and knowing what to distribute to or collect from jobs or employees. With successful IT asset management, for example, you’ll be able to tell at a glance who has each of your laptops. 

In the past, spreadsheets were widely used for equipment management operations, but technology has since improved. Spreadsheets quickly become unmanageable, especially for growing businesses.

Using Asset Tracking Software

The creation of asset tracking software rendered asset register spreadsheets obsolete. With asset tracking software, you can create clean asset lists and export them for auditing and accountability purposes.

Instead of editing cell by cell, you’re editing the data within your assets’ profiles, too. This means that you don’t have to navigate to a specific laptop in a spreadsheet and scan right to find the correct cells to update.

Asset tracking software also gives you the ability to use asset tags. Asset tags are physical tags, mostly QR codes or barcodes, that you can stick onto your assets. 

Asset tags allow you to speed up some asset tracking processes. For example, you’ll be able to scan an assets’ tag to open up its corresponding profile. Here you can report issues on assets or update any relevant information.

Scanning your assets’ tags also updates their last seen location using your phone’s GPS data. So, you’ll know where your assets have been seen and who has been interacting with them.

How To Track Workspace Equipment

So, how should you track workspace equipment? Each bit of kit will be different and unique, so the bits of information you track will be different. The key themes will be the same, however.

Fundamentally, no matter the bit of equipment, you want to know where it is, what its status is and who has it. You’ll also want to know who’s responsible for it and build up a robust audit trail this way.

Therefore, if you’re tracking a laptop, you’ll want to set an assignee up. Then, you can assign your laptop to your colleague and log that they’re responsible for it. If they hand in their notice, you’ll know exactly which assets you need to retrieve from them.

If you’re tracking tools, it’s much the same. You want to know who is using the tools and where they are. Therefore, should something go wrong, you have a full audit trail and an accountable workforce.

With a range of helpful features, with equipment management software, you can track asset locations and report issues against assets, as well as group assets by type. Overall, these helpful features give you visibility over your assets and create a transparent and helpful asset register.

itemit’s Equipment Management Software

itemit’s equipment management software gives you all of this and more. With itemit you can:

  • Check assets out
  • Book equipment
  • Assign assets to users
  • Track asset locations
  • Track asset issues and maintenance
  • Use your own asset tags
  • And more!

itemit gives you a clean and manageable user interface, too. With itemit, you know you’re getting significantly better than a spreadsheet with more thought, support and care put into every feature.

Anyone can use itemit, whether you’re in the UK, Australia, the US or beyond, we’ll be happy to help you in getting set up with the system. This is why it’s being used across the globe in every industry imaginable.

To find out more about how itemit’s equipment management system can help your business, you can contact the friendly team at 01223 421611 or at team@itemit.com. You can also fill in the form below to start your very own 14-day free trial, no strings attached!

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