Why Every Business Needs an Asset Register and How to Get Started

Why Every Business Needs an Asset Register and How to Get Started

Every business needs to have an asset register so that it can have more control over assets. Unfortunately, staying in control of assets can often be tricky. The good news is that itemit can help. Our software ensures that knowing where all of your assets are is easy. 

Below, you will find details about how you too can get started with an asset register.

Use Our Software

Our software is easy to use. You can access it via a web portal or an app. As soon as you have logged into itemit you can start to create an asset register. All that you need to do is to affix an RFID tag or a QR code to each of your assets. Then, simply scanning the tag or code will create a digital profile. As soon as a profile is created you can add as much information about an asset as you wish. Once you’re done you can move on to the next asset. 

The more assets you add to your register, the more control you will have over them all.

Business Asset Tracking

Tracking Your Assets Is Easy

Not only is it possible for you to understand how many assets you have, you can also track every asset’s location. As soon as you have scanned the QR code, for example, our software will start to track it. This feature allows you to track the location of your assets whenever you wish. 

If you do not need to track the location of an asset you can track other features instead. Some of these include an asset’s:

  • Make and model 
  • Serial number
  • Value at time of purchase 
  • Current value
  • Insurance and warranty details
  • Current and past users
  • Maintenance record
  • Photograph
  • And much more 

Please note that you track each of the above features in addition to an asset’s location. In other words, you can track as much information about each asset as you please. 

When you track so many aspects of each asset it helps you to create a lot of data surrounding the asset. As a result, it may be possible for you to determine whether your business is heading in the right direction. Did you know that when you create a lot of data it can be useful to export it? This is another feature that itemit’s asset register has. You can export your reports as and when you need to. This ensures that you always know how your business is performing.

Security Can Improve Immensely

Irrespective of what type of business you run, security can be an issue. However, our software can improve it from day one. When all of the features that come with our asset register are used, security is improved. You can see where your assets are at all times. This ensures that you can retrieve the assets should you need to. If an asset becomes lost or it’s stolen, as long as a QR code or RFID tag is affixed you can see where it is. 

When your employees know that your assets are tracked they’re more likely to look after them. Assets are a lot less likely to get lost or stolen simply because they are being tracked. As a result, you may not have to spend quite as much money replacing the assets. As a result, you could find that your outgoings decrease. This is hugely important right now as many businesses are working hard to improve their bottom line. 

In addition to added security, you may also find that you no longer have any ghost assets. These are assets that are still accounted for but are lost, stolen, or even damaged. Most businesses have ghost assets and most lose money because they are unaware they exist. Our software can help you to eliminate ghost assets instantly.

Your Business Needs itemit’s Asset Register

No matter where you are, what business you run or how long you’ve been trading, you need itemit’s asset register. Our register exists to make your working day much easier. You can track your assets with ease. It’s possible for you to track both fixed and non-fixed assets, should you wish to. You can have the control that you need over all of your assets. 

More and more businesses around the globe are now choosing to use our software and you can too. With the touch of a button, you can start to control your assets with little fuss. Talk to a member of our asset-tracking team today to find out how our software can help you. You can reach our helpful team now at: team@itemit.com. Alternatively, you may wish to sign up for our 14-day free trial. You do not have to give us any payment information. Simply complete the form below to get started.

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