What Makes For Good Asset Tracking Software

What Makes For Good Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking software keeps you informed about where your assets are and how they are behaving. It’s time to ditch those Excel sheets. These programmes were not created for asset tracking and often suffer from challenges such as manual errors, obsolete information, and repetitive processes. But, that being said, not all asset tracking software is created equal. When deciding what asset tracking software solution is right for your business it’s important to compare certain features. Discover what you should look out for in this blog. 

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What Does Asset Tracking Software Actually Do?

Asset tracking software is an all-encompassing, centralised system that allows users to track important details about their assets in real time. Almost anything, physical or not, can be considered an asset, from software and hardware to tables and chairs. The goal of asset tracking software is to manage the inventory, asset life cycles, and total costs.

Top Asset Tracking Software Features

These are the must-have asset tracking software features that you should look out for:

Equipment Tracking

The most important feature you should consider when choosing your asset tracking software solution is how well its functionality supports equipment tracking. The software should provide clear, real-time tracking data for your assets.

Reporting Capabilities

In-built reporting capabilities can dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of your workflow. Some software solutions can produce customisable reports at the click of a button that enable businesses to identify misuse of funds, make more informed decisions, and improve their financial forecasting.


You need software that is agile enough to grow with your business. A customisable platform will help you to adjust your solution to keep up with changing needs, requirements and asset tracking processes.

Maintenance Scheduling

These days many asset tracking software solutions support the set up of maintenance schedules with minimal effort. During the operational phase of an asset’s life cycle, it is important for organisations to keep on top of asset maintenance but often let it fall by the wayside. With software you can easily set monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance schedules or use your own schedules to make sure all assets are being looked after. This reduces the risk of running into unexpected problems that result in asset downtime, which ultimately increases productivity and keeps costs down.

On-the-go Access

With increasingly diverse and remote workforces it’s important that your software solution can be accessed by all. An easy-to-use mobile app can allow you to keep track of your assets and view associated data while on the move. With many apps you can effortlessly scan barcodes and QR codes, create and amend assets, record maintenance work, check-in and out devices, and alter user roles’ access and permissions.

Customer Support

While perhaps not immediately what you look for when considering what software solution to choose, friendly customer support can be vital. Support that helps you navigate integration with your current setup can really help you to get the most out of the product.

itemit’s Asset Tracking Software

When choosing your asset tracking software solution consider the above features and make an informed choice about what suits your business needs. Asset tracking software can improve asset performance, increase maintenance efficiency, and cut costs all under one roof. It’s time to start managing your assets effectively. Our cloud-based, user-friendly service is designed to be integrated with minimal interference to your operations. Plus, it’s available on web and mobile so you can keep track record of your assets’ performance from wherever you are. 


To find out more about how itemit’s asset tracking software can help you track your assets, you’ll be able to contact the team at team@itemit.com. You can also fill in the form below to start your own 14-day free trial.

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