10 Golden Rules of Successful Asset Tracking

10 Golden Rules of Successful Asset Tracking

Using asset tracking software to help you have more control over your assets is always recommended. Software such as this comes with many benefits. However, not a lot of people are aware of the golden rules of successful asset tracking. 

Below, you will find itemit’s golden rules that can help to make asset tracking even better for your business.

Be As Efficient As Possible

Using itemit’s asset tracking software, you can be as efficient as possible. The software allows you to streamline a range of processes and ensure you know where your assets are at all times. Don’t assume that just because you know what assets you have that you know where they are. Use the right software to help you to know where assets are, what condition they’re in, and who’s using them.

Business Asset Tracking

Cut Costs Where You Can

Assets that are broken or have been lost can still cost your business money. However, the right tracking software can help to reduce costs. Ghost assets can be identified and repaired or replaced. Lost assets can be found and put back into circulation. This ensures less money is spent replacing lost or damaged assets.

Be Accountable For All Of Your Assets

Every member of your team can be accountable for the assets. When they know each asset is tracked, they’re more likely to take good care of them. Additionally, business owners may feel more responsible for their assets. Added responsibility ensures fewer assets become damaged and maintenance costs are, therefore, lowered.

Keep All Assets In Good Working Condition

The right asset tracking software can help to keep all assets in good working condition. This is possible thanks to the ability to highlight any issues with the asset in question. Users of the tracking software can alert the maintenance team whenever something goes wrong. As a result, the asset can be inspected, repaired, and ready for use quickly. 

Regular maintenance can help to reduce the amount of time assets are out of working order. Additionally, it can help assets to have a longer life span as they’re less likely to have issues.

Know Where All Assets Are At All Times

Knowing where each asset is at all times is crucial in terms of security and convenience. Additionally, understanding where an asset is can ensure you know whether there are enough assets in each location. This knowledge can be incredibly useful in terms of asset management and understanding if additional assets need to be purchased. It can also help users to understand which departments need which assets.

Make Asset Management Easy

Forms, manuals, and photos can be added to itemit’s asset tracking software. Uploading forms, manuals, and photos is hugely convenient as it helps to save time looking for them. Users can quickly find the manual they’re looking for, for example. Once the manual has been found it can be used in the desired way. 

Make Access To Assets Easy

Thanks to the way the software works, users can book assets in advance. There will be a lot less to no guesswork needed to understand where the assets are and if they’re being used. Users can simply book the assets in question and gain access to them when they are required. 

An additional benefit of this feature is that every employee feels more accountable for the asset at the time of use. There is a clear record of who has the asset and why it was used.

Opt For Check In And Check Out

Checking assets in and out can prove to be very useful. Not only can it make employees feel accountable, but there are additional benefits. One benefit is that managers can see who has which assets, and how long they’ve been using them for. This information can help managers to understand whether more assets need to be purchased.

Gain Access No Matter Where You Are

The ability to gain access to matter where you are can be wholly beneficial. Users should be able to access the tracking software regardless of whether they’re at work or elsewhere. The right software should allow users to gain access via a computer and a mobile device. 

itemit allows users to log into the software via a desktop or laptop, a tablet, or a mobile. This ensures that assets can be monitored at all times and wherever the user might be.

Use Itemit’s Asset Tracking Software

Use itemit’s asset tracking software to help you manage your assets more easily. Thanks to the way that the software works, keeping track of every single asset can take moments. If you would like to find out just how well itemit’s software works for you, start a 14-day Free Trial today. Alternatively, you may wish to speak to a member of our team at team@itemit.com to discover more of itemit’s benefits. 

10 Gold Rules to Asset Tracking

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