What Is PPE Tracking Software?

PPE tracking software allows you to log, monitor, and track all of your essential equipment. This way, you’ll be able to verify your equipment is safe and accounted for and ensure the safety of your colleagues.

Overall, using asset tracking software saves you time and money and improves your health and safety operations by giving you the ability to monitor asset use and any changes.

You’ll be able to lose fewer bits of equipment, assign assets to your colleagues, and mark PPE as approved where necessary.


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What Is Asset Tracking Software?

Asset tracking software is a system where you’ll be able to log unique assets and add data to their profiles. In other ways, each piece of equipment will have its own profile on your asset management system.

Then, on each assets’ profile, you’ll be able to add crucial information. This will include usage and bookings data, but will also include safety information, such as manuals or a mark to verify that the PPE has been approved.

You’ll be able to use asset tags to monitor your equipment’s movements and usage, as well as speed up the process of changing and updating any crucial information.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

All you need to do is tag the asset to link it to its corresponding asset profile on your asset tracking software. Then, you’ll be able to scan the asset’s tag in your asset management app to retrieve the profile, as well as update the last seen location.


How You Can Use PPE Tracking Software

PPE tracking software can be used to monitor asset changes and usage statistics. This way, if your PPE needs to be cleaned or disposed of regularly, you can use an asset management system to keep up with and track these changes.

If you’ve received a new batch of PPE, you can log it onto your system when you’re sorting it, marking which PPE is approved and which is not. itemit is already being used for this to track PPE related to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read more about how Cambridge University tracked and approved PPE here.

Then, once your PPE is logged onto your system and marked as approved, you’ll be able to use powerful features to ensure all of your colleagues are protected and have PPE available to them. For example, you’ll be able to assign assets to contacts and users to keep a clear visual flow of your equipment.

Overall, PPE tracking becomes more transparent and ensures the safety of your colleagues, as you’ll be able to fill any gaps before they occur while keeping track of asset usage.


More Uses Of Healthcare Asset Tracking Software

If you’re deploying PPE tracking software in a healthcare context, there’s no reason why you need to stop at logging your PPE. You’ll also be able to use your healthcare asset tracking software to log and track the rest of your equipment.

While you can use a reminders system to monitor how clean and maintained PPE is, you’ll also be able to use one for pre-emptive and routine maintenance, too, streamlining these operations.

You can even use fixed RFID asset tracking for equipment that regularly moves between on-site locations. This way, you will fully automate location tracking with no manual input needed. Every time an asset moves from one ward to another, your asset management software will pick up on this automatically.

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