What is healthcare asset tracking software?

Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure all aspects of the healthcare industry are not only kept running, but kept running smoothly. Healthcare asset tracking software will help with this

So, what is healthcare asset tracking software, and how can you use it? 

The answers are quite simple, and with the help of a friendly team, we can get you up and running in no time. 


What is Healthcare Asset Tracking Software?

Put simply, healthcare asset tracking software gives you the capability to track and manage your equipment and machinery. This may include ventilators, hospital beds, PPE, or other healthcare assets.

Tracking medical and healthcare assets ensures you have accurate and up to date records of the equipment and machinery that has been purchased, which assets are loaned and on-site and the condition and status of all of these critical assets. 

Choosing the right medical equipment management software is critical to ensure each piece of equipment is maintained adequately. For example, hospital beds may need to be cleaned under specific criteria and this will be done as and when a bed becomes free. Alternatively, many pieces of machinery and equipment will have routine maintenance schedules that must be followed.

In addition, healthcare asset tracking software is the ideal way to monitor kits on ambulances to ensure vehicles are fully stocked with the right equipment when responding to an incident.

Healthcare Asset Tracking software will help you with all of these use cases and more. At a base level, the software will be used to know where everything is, and what the status is. However, many more features will help you implement solutions for maintenance, stock levels, and asset availability.


Solutions to Common Healthcare Problems

The idea behind healthcare asset tracking software is to provide solutions to any gaps in transparency, accountability, or availability that heavy asset usage and movement naturally creates.

Therefore, you can use healthcare asset tracking software to:

Track asset locations, including across multiple sites

If you’re responsible for managing several sites that can share equipment and machinery to ensure the required assets are always available, healthcare asset tracking software lets you see which sites have which equipment and whether they’re available.

If, for example, you’ve rented equipment out to a GP surgery, you’ll be able to record which practice has the equipment and when it is due to be returned. This ensures no unnecessary equipment is left on-site and allows you to remain in control of where machinery is.


Record and monitor machinery trials

When equipment is rented out or given to medical professionals for a trial period, use your software to record which establishment is trialling your products and when they are to be returned. In itemit, the check-in check-out software will manage all of this for you.


Record maintenance

No matter the certified equipment, routine maintenance is required to ensure it remains certified. Tracking equipment maintenance can become an overwhelming challenge unless you use the best asset tracking software available.

In a system like itemit, each piece of equipment is unique. Not only is each asset tagged with a QR code tag, but this QR code is linked to a digital profile for each asset. This is where you manage and monitor equipment maintenance schedules. The itemit web portal lets you oversee all equipment and instantly identify those that need inspection or servicing in the near future.

In the busy environment of a hospital, it may not be possible to inspect all of your equipment internally, so you may use contractors to assist with this process. With itemit, you can share access to your equipment with your contractors so that they can see which assets need inspection or maintenance. In addition, if they find an issue with any assets, they can report this immediately.


Track IT Assets

It’s not just healthcare and medical equipment that requires tracking, don’t forget too about your IT hardware management.

The itemit asset tracking software lets you assign laptops and PCs to staff for greater transparency. For example, in a GP practice, computers can be assigned to GPs to log the permissions that the practitioner has against the asset and ensure GDPR compliance. Furthermore, laptops used for trial or research reasons can also be logged and assigned to any of your users or contacts.


Get itemit’s Healthcare Asset Tracking Software Totally Free

At the moment, itemit’s healthcare asset tracking software has been made free of charge for anyone in the healthcare industry tackling the COVID-19 crisis.

The University of Cambridge is already using itemit to manage PPE inventory levels. A warehouse has been set up in one of the University’s colleges which stores all donated PPE ready to be ordered and delivered to Addenbrooke’s hospital daily. 

With itemit, PPE is scanned in, and the quantity is updated after a single scan of a QR. The hospital can then see this quantity and request an order amount by using itemit’s issues management system.

Read more here about how itemit is tracking healthcare assets.

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