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Like any business, you’re heavily reliant on your IT assets, but you’ve got so many of them once you’ve counted up all your laptops, tablets, phones and monitors that it can be a big challenge to track them. IT asset management software gives you a solution that makes this process a lot simpler.

When you use IT asset management software, you’ll have a higher level of understanding of your IT assets, including who has what, where they are, and what they’re being used for.


Using IT Asset Management Software for Laptops

A huge benefit of IT asset management software is that you collate all the essential information about your laptops and store this in one centralised system. This could include manufacturer, serial numbers, purchase price and even user manuals. As a result of having a complete and accurate log of all your IT assets, you will benefit from increased productivity levels while minimising the possibility of gaps in your audit trails and financial records.

Tagging and scanning a laptop by adding a QR code asset tag to a unique profile will allow you to assign that laptop to a user. This information is helpful if your assets are on the move a lot or if you’re just keen to have a hard and fast list of what you’ve given to each member of staff and what you would, therefore, expect to receive back, should they leave the company.

Most IT asset management software also provides additional features such as allowing you to create parent and child relationships between assets so that they are linked. This will make life easier in future when you need to determine which cable goes with which monitor screen. Or, by creating collections of assets, you can group and categorise different types of assets together to maximise efficiency. So, whether you want to relive the experience of a LAN party, or if you just want to see which laptops are due for replacement, your IT asset management software will have this covered.

Of course, not every team will need the same type of laptop or computer. An extreme example would be a team of game developers. In order to code, create, and test the most streamlined 60FPS experience, the development team will need upwards of 8GB RAM and the best graphics cards. The marketing team will need a laptop that can handle editing software. The sales team will need a laptop that can handle CRM systems, and so on. And so you need a tool that can help you to monitor all of this. Being able to identify which teams need what tools and equipment and having the ability to factor this into budgeting means that your company can snap up some quick time and money savings.

The itemit IT asset management software offers even more. Using the new quick add feature, you can rapidly assign a batch of IT assets to a team or member of staff. If you then want to see if the marketing team is getting the best use out of their laptops, good reporting software will be able to help with this.

Ensuring GDPR compliance is crucial when it comes to tracking and managing your IT assets. Having an audit trail and the ability to identify where any breaches might have happened will quickly diminish any potential GDPR fallout.


Booking Tablets

If your company uses tablets, staff will also be able to book these in advance and check them in and out. This way, the team will always have access to the equipment they need, and you’ll be able to see in real-time who has each tablet and when it’s due back in.

This is especially helpful for those times when you or your team need a device to perform their daily duties. For example, app testing. If you’re going through a round of QA testing and your tester needs a tablet, now they can not only see what tablets are available but also where they are located, the OS version and much more.


How Else can IT Asset Management Software Help?

IT asset management software can also help you track financial and warranty information for your phones and other IT assets.

As soon as any subscription is about to run out, you’ll get a reminder. Sending this reminder on to your finance team means that any upgrades or updates will be much faster and more efficient!

itemit can help you with all of this. To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us, or, find out more by filling in the form below.

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