What is construction equipment tracking

What is construction equipment tracking? There are many different areas related to construction equipment tracking. It isn’t just the monitoring of how your construction equipment moves, although this is, of course, an essential part of the system.

Construction equipment tracking is an area of asset tracking, and asset tracking includes monitoring maintenance, movement, usage, and all sorts of different things related to the assets themselves.

So, we’ve written an article about four of the main areas related to construction equipment tracking and why they’re so crucial for your business.


Tracking the Location of your Construction Equipment

First of all, we’re sure your desperate to know, like the majority of construction companies we speak to, where your tools and equipment are. Your equipment and machinery moves between your construction sites and cross over from one project to another. We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you that the logistics of tracking hundreds or thousands of assets across many sites results in a lack of visibility over asset whereabouts and very often large quantities of asset losses.

An easy solution to resolve this problem is to tag tools and equipment. Once tagged, use the itemit mobile app to scan the QR tag and itemit will record the asset’s location. Suddenly your construction equipment tracking challenge instantly becomes easier!

You can also build a location hierarchy of your sites and projects and use the asset management software to record which site or project has which equipment and machinery.


Tracking Equipment Maintenance

Next up, use construction equipment maintenance software to manage maintenance schedules and ensure all tools, equipment, plant and machinery are inspected and serviced as per manufacturer’s guidelines.

The way this works is that each piece of kit has due dates for different inspections and tests. When these inspections or services become due, you will be notified by email. You can also run reports to see, for example, which assets are due for maintenance in the next month. This helps to plan workloads and resource effectively in advance. Not only is your construction equipment tracking system able to show you where assets are, but now it’s managing your maintenance schedules too!

Bonus: The best asset tracking software also lets you and your team report faults against each piece of equipment and offers a handy issues management feature too. Read more here if you’re looking for a way to report issues with your construction equipment.


Monitoring Equipment Condition, Availability and Usage

Another aspect covered by construction equipment tracking is monitoring your tools and equipment to ensure you have full transparency over which assets are in good condition, which need attention/replacement and the availability and usage of your assets.


Condition monitoring during asset lifecycle

  • See which equipment and tools are in poor condition and prioritise their repair or replacement. 

Visibility over asset usage

  • See where there are gaps. If an asset is overused, you’ll know that it’s an investment to get another one. This helps you create a more economical and effective construction business.

Instant access to see asset availability

  • See who’s using what and when with check in check out software. That way you and your team will know which pieces of equipment can and can’t be used at any given moment, ultimately helping with improved productivity and forward planning.


Complete Construction Equipment Records

Once you’ve tackled the areas of construction equipment tracking outlined above, you will have recorded some critical information that can be leveraged for producing useful reports for the business. In addition, you can add much more information including:

  • warranties
  • financial information
  • insurance information
  • compliance information
  • and more!

All this data from asset movement, to use, maintenance, to financial information creates a full and complete picture of your tools, equipment and machinery. Your construction equipment asset management system automatically creates an audit trail for all of your assets helping you to make informed decisions and increase productivity levels. What more could you ask for!

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