What is construction equipment maintenance software?

Construction equipment needs to be tracked and managed to ensure it’s compliant and running to the best of its ability. This includes a lot of calibration, a lot of maintenance, and a lot of flexibility.

You need to be able to monitor your construction equipment constantly, should it need necessary downtime. At first thought, this may seem stressful or complicated, but does it need to be?

With construction equipment maintenance software, you’ll be able to monitor asset condition, depreciation, and all necessary maintenance with ease. 


What Can Construction Equipment Maintenance Software Do?

Construction equipment maintenance software can help you log and monitor your tools and equipment. Instead of having to go through a spreadsheet manually, or have an analogue word of mouth or emailing system, issues can be logged against assets themselves, streamlining reactive maintenance.

The entire process is simple, no matter what you’re using construction equipment asset management for, whether managing equipment maintenance or to create transparent location data.

With QR code asset tags, logging issues and finding equipment is simple.


Maintenance and Construction Equipment Tracking

For your larger pieces of construction equipment, we recommend using heavy duty tags. We provide durable anodised aluminium tags that can withstand more weathering and being thrown around in the back of a van.

After the asset is tagged and logged, whether it be a pneumatic drill or even a crane or digger, you can start tracking it. 

In theory, larger pieces of equipment will go through fewer changes in their lifecycle. They’ll still need reactive and routine maintenance, however. This is why construction equipment maintenance software allows you to raise issues and set reminders against assets.

Simply view what needs seeing to, whether the notification is an issue or a reminder, and see to it! Construction equipment maintenance software helps you view what needs to be done, and helps you prioritise your maintenance effectively.


Maintenance and Small Tools Tracking

Small tools also require tracking. Usually, small tools can be tagged with our vinyl sticker QR tags, as they’ll go through less weathering.

Small tools, however, will also go through a lot more changes in their lifecycle. There’ll be a more frequent need for calibrations, which is why a reminders feature further helps with clarity, no matter what construction equipment you’re tracking.

You can also assign small tools to colleagues, so you can see who is responsible for what. Having this in tandem with maintenance history shows you if someone may require more training if they’re breaking tools.

Overall, construction equipment maintenance software shows you who’s using what, what needs to be fixed, and maintenance history. Maintenance history against small tools shows you when it’s time to replace something, rather than spend the time and money fixing it yet another time.


Equipment Checkout Software for Downtime

The final thing construction equipment asset management can help you do is check equipment out so that you know in real-time where your assets are and who has them. There’s really no limit to what you can use equipment checkout software for!

So, if you want your workforce to see that some small tools or other construction equipment are unavailable, you’ll be able to use equipment checkout software to do so. This is the case if your equipment is in use, or if it’s undergoing downtime for maintenance.

itemit’s construction equipment maintenance can do all of this for you and more. To find out more, you can contact the team at team@itemit.com, or fill in the form below.

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