how will equipment checkout software benefit my business?

When it comes to equipment management and especially, managing large volumes of equipment, the process can quickly become out of control. This is particularly true when equipment moves between sites or is assigned to different projects and moves between them.

We work with companies in construction, media, healthcare, FinTech, restoration and remediation, and many other industries who all have the same problem: equipment management.

Without the right tools, equipment management is almost impossible. With equipment checkout software, it’s easy to see who has what, where it is, and what it’s used for.


What is equipment checkout software? 

Equipment checkout software is the tool your business can use to monitor and manage your business’ equipment.

In essence, you log your equipment in the software, and then you tag it with barcodes, QR code asset tags, or RFID tags to make the assets unique, then you start tracking. 

After this, to check your equipment out, all you need to do is scan the asset’s tag and select “checkout,” then you select an expected return date and the status of the asset changes for all of your colleagues to see.


The benefits of check in check out software

Check in check out software delivers numerous benefits. Overall, the transparency and accountability surrounding assets rise, meaning a higher level of productivity and less downtime.

To go into a bit more detail, here are a few more specifics:


Transparent equipment tracking 

You’ll be able to monitor equipment location. Whether equipment is moving between sites, projects, customers, colleagues, or storerooms, every scan of a QR code asset tag updates the asset’s GPS location.

This way, you’ll see whether everything is exactly where it needs to be.


Rapid equipment check outs

Whenever anybody needs to check equipment out, all it takes is a scan and the press of a button. The information is updated in real-time and visible for the whole team.

Also, you won’t be able to check an asset out that’s already been checked out, so transparency also rapidly increases. Each check in and check out increases the visibility over asset availability for everyone.


View asset records on the go

With an integrated web portal and mobile app, you’ll be able to view asset records in your equipment checkout software on the go. 

What this means is you can remotely view an asset’s history, but also give contractors and field staff access to the system so that they too can interact with equipment on the go. This provides significant time savings for your business as you can check which equipment is available instantly and prioritise your work accordingly.


Plan maintenance schedules effectively

Equipment maintenance tracking is a challenging process. Equipment, tools, and machinery regularly need to be maintained but are also continuously used to deliver your product or service. Choosing the optimum time to undertake equipment maintenance can be tricky.

With equipment checkout software, however, you’ll be able to use check in check out and booking capabilities in the software to take advantage of windows of opportunity. For example, if you can see that an asset ahs just been returned from a large project but isn’t needed for 10 days, it’s the perfect time to perform servicing and inspections. This makes everything more manageable and decreases the likelihood of many assets needing downtime simultaneously.


How do I get started?

  1. Select software: if you’re UK based, we recommended opting for an asset tracking system built in the UK as this will give you even more benefit.
  2. Identify equipment to be tracked: The next thing you’ll need to do is identify the equipment you want to track. If you already have a fixed asset register, this is simple. If not, the best asset tracking software will create one for you simultaneous to logging equipment.
  3. Tag equipment: The next step is to tag your equipment. Using QR code asset tags makes your asset profiles unique and allows you to interact with them by scanning the QR.
  4. Add data: Next, you’ll want to add data and information to your equipment checkout software. Add maintenance dates and information, user manuals, reminders, bookings, all against specific tools and equipment. 
  5. Interact with assets on the go Once you’re up and running, enjoy an easier life with asset management software!


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