What Assets Can Be Tracked With GPS?

What Assets Can Be Tracked With GPS?

itemit’s GPS Tracking software can help you to track your organisation’s assets with ease. Thanks to the way that it works all types of assets can be tracked. Organisations can track laptops, printers, scanners, mobile devices, and many other smaller assets using itemits QR tags which will offer a last seen location using GPS, upon being scanned.

Whilst larger items can also be tracked using GPS trackers, which are most suited to assets such as vehicles, and machinery.

The Best Asset Tracking Implementations And Use Cases

Track Your Vehicles

If your organisation has vehicles, they can be tracked very easily. Regardless of what type of vehicles you have, there really are no limits.

  • Delivery trucks and vans
  • Courier motorcycles or bicycles
  • Ice cream vans
  • Taxis
  • Buses
  • Cabs
  • Roadside rescue vans
  • Sports equipment vans 

It doesn’t matter how large your organisation is or what you do, if you have a fleet of vehicles, then tracking them with itemit could be the solution for you!

When a user logs into itemit, they can see the vehicle’s last-known location providing a GPS tracker has been fitted. With this information, users can understand just how much progress a driver has made and which route they’ve taken. They can also form an idea as to how much longer the driver will be before they’ve reached their destination.

Track Your Machinery

When organisations use machinery in different locations, tracking the assets can prove to be very useful. Machinery hire companies, for example, can track the generators they hire out. Construction companies can work out where the road marking machinery is.

Being able to access this at the touch of a button can bring peace of mind. Additionally, it can help users to locate the machinery that may not be where it should be. For example, stolen or lost machinery can be found with minimal effort.

Track Your Portable Cabins

Organisations that hire out portable cabins all over the UK will know exactly where the cabins are located. They can also tell which company has the cabins, how many they have, and when they expect to return them. If this was not enough, users of itemit’s GPS Tracking software can receive maintenance alerts, should a portable cabin become damaged. To do so non-itemit users can report an issue using itemits public profile feature! Whilst those with the app can simply scan the tag, or log into the app to locate the asset and simply report the issue. 

Assets That Move Between Locations

GPS Tracking software can prove to be highly useful. When it is used to track assets that move between locations, assets are less likely to go missing. Additionally, users can understand whether they have enough assets or whether more is required. 

Assets that are in high demand can become overused and potentially damaged. This is where having additional assets can be very useful. itemit’s tracking software can let users know how often assets are used, helping users to understand whether more assets need to be purchased.

How It Works

itemit’s GPS Tracking software works by showing users where the asset’s last-known location is either through live update as long as a GPS tracking device is fitted or with a manual update upon QR tag scans.

However, before asset tracking is possible, users need to input the asset’s details into the system. To do this all that is required is for the user to scan a QR tag and input the asset’s information or add the asset into the system creating its very own profile and then add a GPS tracker! As much information about each asset can be inputted as the user wishes. However, the more information there is in the system, the more helpful it will be. 

For example, Asset A’s name, serial number, model number, insurance and warranty details and cost of purchase can be added. Additionally, photographs of the asset can be added. 

As soon as the required information has been added to the system, the asset in question can be tracked. Assets can also be checked in and out of a warehouse or store room. When tracked assets are checked out in an employee’s name, they’re much more likely to take care of them. The overall benefits see assets less likely to be lost, and this therefore increases visibility for managers. 

Let itemit Help You To Track Your Assets

Let itemit help you with your GPS Tracking needs. It is possible for you to track a wide variety of assets from the largest to the smallest. GPS Tracking is relatively easy and it can take moments to locate each asset.

Whether your organisation owns vehicles, machinery, portable cabins or any large equipment, it can be tracked. There are no limits as to what can be tracked, and this is what helps to make itemit’s tracking software incredibly useful. 

Find out more about itemit’s software by contacting our helpful team today. You can reach them at team@itemit.com. Alternatively, you may wish to begin a 14-day Free Trial to see just how well the GPS Tracking software works for you and your organisation. No matter what assets your organisation has, itemit can track them with little to no fuss. Let us help you to track and monitor your assets. 

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