How and Why Your Organisation Should Use Equipment Tracking

How and Why Your Organisation Should Use Equipment Tracking

itemit’s Equipment Tracking software is used by many organisations. Thanks to the way it has been designed, our tracking software provides very useful information. Easy to use, and with many benefits, this software can potentially help organisations to become more organised while saving money.

The Benefits of Equipment Tracking

There are many benefits associated with tracking all of your equipment. Some of these benefits include:

Business Asset Tracking

Your Equipment is Tracked All Day, Every Day

As soon as an RFID or QR code is attached, your equipment will be tracked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you can keep an eye on it from your office, your home, on a construction site, and almost anywhere. 

If you need to know where some or all of your equipment is at any time, you track its location. In addition to this, you can access itemit’s Equipment Tracking software via a computer for the web portal or mobile device for the app. This makes the software even more convenient to use.

You Can Say “Goodbye” to Ghost Assets

Ghost assets are assets that have been stolen or misplaced. Unfortunately, organisations of all shapes and sizes lose equipment every year. Thanks to the way that itemit’s tracking software works, managers are less likely to lose any more equipment. 

What this ultimately means for your organisation is that less money will be spent on replacing lost or stolen assets. Those much-needed funds can be diverted elsewhere and help your organisation to thrive.

Your Maintenance Schedule is Kept Up to Date

Depending on the type of equipment that you use, it may need to be maintained at regular intervals. Our tracking software allows users to schedule maintenance reminders. Whenever a piece of equipment is in need of maintenance, users will be sent a notification using itemit’s reminders feature.

One of the benefits of frequent maintenance means that equipment is more likely to last longer. This, in turn, can help to lower maintenance costs while ensuring all equipment runs as well as it needs to.

Profit/Loss saved asset tracking

You Can Save Time Searching for Equipment

When logged into the software, users can see exactly where the equipment they need is. This feature can be invaluable during busy times as users will no longer need to spend time searching for it. 

Additionally, users will see how long the current user has booked the equipment for (if applicable). There is the potential for users to book the equipment so that they’re next in line to use it.

Equipment Can be Assigned to Employees

Managers can assign much-needed equipment to individuals, should they wish to. If specific employees need to use a certain piece of equipment to complete a task, managers can ensure they are assigned it. 

A feature such as this ensures that the right employees have the right tools for the job. It also helps to eliminate potential arguments over equipment as it’s clear who will be using it next.

Equipment Can be Checked In and Out

Managers can choose to ask employees to sign equipment in and out. This method of tracing can prove to be very useful should equipment go missing or be left behind. Employees will feel more responsible for the equipment as it has been checked out in their name. They are also more likely to return the equipment to the warehouse, for example, once they no longer need it. 

Employees can also see that the equipment is located in the warehouse and not being used. They can choose to use it by selecting it on the app for making their way to the warehouse before signing it out. 

Managers can also ask employees to note why they are using the equipment. Having this knowledge can help managers to determine whether more equipment needs to be purchased.

Every Piece of Equipment Will Have a History

The more itemit’s Equipment Tracking software is used, the more data will be generated. Every piece of equipment that an organisation owns will have a usage, maintenance, and tracking history. This can prove useful when managers wish to note how often equipment is used and whether additional procurement is required. 

Managers can make more informed decisions about future purchases. The decisions can be based on the data that they have in front of them.

What Equipment Can You Track?

Organisations of all shapes and sizes can track all types of equipment. For example, it is possible to track 

  • Factory equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Construction site equipment
  • School equipment
  • Hospital equipment
  • Equipment that is sent out for hire 
  • Community centre equipment
  • Office equipment 
  • Gardening equipment 
  • And much more

Almost every organisation can track its equipment. Whether the equipment is used in multiple locations or it’s fixed, it can be tracked.

Why You Should Track Workspace Equipment

How to Use itemit’s Tracking Software

itemit’s tracking software is easy to use. Signing up for a 14-day free trial allows users to see just how well the tracking software works. The next stage is to order the desired number of QR tags that are to be attached to the equipment in question. 

Once the QR tags have arrived, the next stage is to assign the tags to the equipment. As soon as the tags have been assigned, users can input a range of information. This information contains details of each piece of equipment such as its: 

  • Name/type of equipment 
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Serial number
  • Frequency of maintenance 
  • Insurance details 
  • Warranty information
  • Licence details
  • Date of purchase
  • Price of purchase
  • Estimated current value
  • Estimated lifespan
  • Photographs

All of the above information can prove to be somewhat invaluable. Managers can access all of this information at a touch of a button. Should something go wrong with a piece of equipment, for example, managers can access the insurance details and insurance information quickly. This helps to reduce the amount of time spent looking for this information. Everything can be in one place, and conveniently located as and when it’s required. 

If this was not enough, managers and users can leave notes about the equipment. Notes such as “Needs maintenance” or “Licence about to expire” can be invaluable. Managers will receive an alert stating that a note has been left. They can choose to act on the note, respond to it, or erase it.

Why You Can Rely on itemit’s Equipment Tracking Software

It’s easy for us to tell you that you can rely on itemit’s Equipment Tracking software. However, we think it’s important that we show you why you can rely on it, so here’s why:

Tracks All Day, Every Day

Our software will reliably track all of your selected equipment all day, every day. We understand that some organisations operate 24/7, which is why we help you track your equipment all of the time. Our software works when you need it to, no matter what time of the day or night it is. This means that you can see where your new fleet of vehicles is at 3 am. You can tell where your new digger is at 9 am. It’s possible to see which employee has your tools at 12 noon. 

Our software tracks your equipment all of the time so you have peace of mind when you need it.

Many Great Reviews

You can find some great reviews on our website. Each of these reviews has been left by some of our happy customers. We take pride in offering great quality tracking software that we know our customers love.

Used By Top Organisations

Our Equipment Tracking software is used by some top companies/organisations. They only want the very best in tracking software, and we are happy to provide them with exactly that. Some of our customers also work for much smaller organisations. We always ensure they receive the same high quality software and customer service as the larger organisations. 

You can trust us to help your organisation track its equipment no matter its size or type.

We’re Always Updating and Improving Our Software

Here at itemit, we are always working on updating and improving our tracking software. We realise that all of our customers want to use software that is as good as it can possibly be. 

We also understand that in order to keep our customers interested, we need to add more features, functions, and solutions. Our software is frequently inspected for bugs and security issues, ensuring that your equipment and organisation are safe.

itemits new UI

Friendly Customer Service

Our customer service team is friendly and here for you. You can contact them any time you have a question or query. Perhaps you’re not sure about how to use one of our features, we can help you with this. Maybe you want to talk to us about your subscription, we can help you with this.

Contact itemit Today

Contact itemit today so that you can make use of our easy-to-use tracking software. You can reach us at, should you wish to. Alternatively, you can opt for our 14-day Free Trial so that you too can discover just how well itemit’s Equipment Tracking software works for you.

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