Tips For Keeping Track Of Your Fleet

Tips For Keeping Track Of Your Fleet

There are hundreds of businesses out there that have a small fleet of vehicles. There are larger businesses that have an even bigger fleet of vehicles. Whatever the case may be for you, you need to keep track of your fleet.

You need to know where each vehicle in your fleet is at all times. You also need to know who is driving your vehicle, who is a passenger, and even what the vehicle is carrying. The really good news is that when you use a modern and reliable equipment tracking system, keeping track of everything is a breeze. 

So, let’s take a look at some tips that can help you to keep track of your fleet. 

Use A Barcode To Track Your Fleet

You may already use a satellite navigation system. But did you know that you can use a barcode to keep track of your fleet? Something as small and as simple as a barcode can make sure you know where every vehicle is 24/7. 

When you start using an equipment tracking system the first time you may have the opportunity to use barcodes. Barcodes are very small, but they can be an excellent tracking tool. 

All that you need to do is to stick one single barcode to every vehicle you want to track. Some people attach the barcode to the rear side of the driver’s seat. Other people fixed the barcode to the interior of the glove box. However, you may wish to affix the barcode somewhere else inside your vehicles. 

The best location is somewhere where the barcode is not going to be disturbed. However, it needs to be within easy reach. This is to ensure that the barcode can be scanned as and when it is required. Once you have chosen the location, make sure you attach a barcode in the exact same location in every vehicle this will help to eliminate any guesswork.

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Make Sure You Track Every Vehicle

So, what vehicles would you like to track? Ideally, you will track every vehicle that you use. Whether you use a vehicle multiple times a day, a few times a week or twice a month, you need to track it. 

Simply fix the barcode to the vehicle’s interior and scan it. The vehicle in question will then be added to your new equipment tracking system. In other words, you can start to track it.

Use Reminders To Keep On Top Of Vehicle Maintenance

Did you know that nearly every new and reliable equipment tracking system will allow you to set a reminder? You could use this feature to keep on top of vehicle maintenance.

As you are no doubt aware, each of your vehicles needs to be thoroughly maintained so they are safe to use. However, making sure all of your vehicles are up-to-date with maintenance is not always easy. The good news is that when you use a tracking system, the hard work is removed. 

You can create a maintenance schedule for every single vehicle that you own and use. A direct result of this means that your vehicles are safer to drive. Additionally, your vehicles will be a lot less likely to break down at any given time.

Report Vehicle Issues Within Moments

Noticed a problem with one of your vehicles? Report the issue within moments. All that you need to do is message your maintenance team with the suspected issue. 

As long as your maintenance team has access to the tracking software that you are using, they can receive alerts. So, when a vehicle starts to have issues, your team can report them. 

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Keep Your Vehicles Safer By Using An Equipment Tracking System

It really is possible for you to keep all of your vehicles safe and secure by using a modern and reliable equipment tracking system. A tracking system such as this can also be used to track the rest of your assets. The choice is yours. Whether you just stick to tracking your vehicles and nothing else is entirely up to you. 

You can keep all of your vehicles safe and secure, from the moment you decide to use a new tracking system. You would be able to see where all of your vehicles are at any given time. If you also choose to use the check in and check out system, you could see who is driving your vehicles. This feature would have to keep them even more secure. Imagine being able to increase the safety and security of your vehicles. Within moments. This is entirely possible when you use a tracking system that’s reliable.

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