How Tracking Tools Can Keep Track of Software Licences

How Tracking Tools Can Keep Track of Software Licences

Many business owners/managers choose to track their assets. They make use of asset tracking tools so that they can have a lot more control over everything. However, when it comes to tracking software licences, they are often forgotten about. This can only be something of a mistake. When you pay for a software licence you do so knowing that it can run out. When your licence expires it makes sense to renew it ASAP. Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious when your licences are about to expire. Using the right tracking tools can make keeping track of your software licences so much easier.

What Tracking Tools Do

Tracking tools monitor almost every aspect of the tools/assets they are tracking. Primarily used to track the location of the tools/assets in question, they’re ideal if you need to know where something is located. However, there’s much more to the world of asset tracking than simply location tracking. Thanks to the way that much tracking software works it’s possible to track the maintenance status, how often something is used, and much more. 

When you know how to use a tracking tool to its advantage your business can benefit immensely.

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How Asset Tracking Helps

As we have just seen, using an asset tracking tool can help in different ways. But how exactly can it help you to track your software licences? The fact is it’s easy. All you need to do is enter each software licence’s expiry date into the tool. Set a reminder so that you’re alerted at least one month before. 

When you know some software is about to expire you can renew it or look for a replacement. Giving yourself time to do this means your business will always have the software it needs.

It’s Time To Track Your Software Licences

It’s now time for you to start tracking your software licences. As soon as you do, life will become a little easier. You will not have to try to remember when a licence needs to be renewed. You will not have to enter the info into a spreadsheet only to find that it’s been deleted or entered into the wrong column. 

All that you will need to do is to enter the details into your asset tracking tool & you’ll be good to go.

How To Track Everything

Tracking your software licence is not as hard as you think, neither is setting the whole process up. In order to track anything you need to attach a barcode or a QR code to it. Once the QR code is attached it needs to be scanned. Scanning the code into your tracking tool will create a profile. You can then populate the profile with details about the software licence in front of you. Make sure you add the expiration date and other details such as who you purchased it from, what it’s for, and any other relevant information. You could also take a photograph of any package or logo that came with the software, doing so can help with future identification. As soon as you’ve added as much as you need to add the tracking process will begin.

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The Benefits Of Tracking Your Licences

Tracking your software licences is a really good idea. Not only can you see when it’s about to expire but you can also:

  • Give yourself enough time to choose alternative software, if necessary
  • Understand what it’s used for and when
  • Help you to deal with any warranty issues 
  • Allow you to understand how the tracking process works

There are many other benefits associated with tracking your software licences. You’ll soon discover them when you too start to track them.

Tips For Tracking More Than Just Software Licences

Did you know that you can track more than just software licences? You can track as many other assets as you wish. The world of asset tracking allows you and your business to track as much as you wish. You could, for example, choose to track your computers, office furniture and equipment, vehicles, and even your buildings. 

It’s entirely up to you what you track and how many assets you wish to track. However, many businesses and even individuals have found that tracking is very easy and beneficial. Why not consider tracking your other assets? All you need to do is attach a QR code to them and you’re almost there. Just make sure you track those assets that are important to you and those which are very valuable. When you track these types of assets you give yourself peace of mind. In addition to this, you heighten security which means the assets may no longer get misplaced. Tracking can be beneficial to any business that tracks its assets, including software licences. 



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