Tracking Construction Equipment: Learn Why and How?

Tracking Construction Equipment: Learn Why and How?

The construction industry faces several challenges, including labour shortages, stagnant industry growth, constant job site theft, and resource loss. One of the most difficult challenges that construction industries face is to keep track of the diverse range of equipment.

It’s time for companies to start putting money into new technologies that make the most of what they already have. This will cut costs and boost output. Companies that do not upgrade their systems as per modern trends and needs fail to grow and compete in the market. 

If you own a construction company and are experiencing similar issues, don’t worry; itemit has got you covered with the best tracking construction equipment solutions.

Why Choose A Tracking Solution For Your Construction Equipment? 

Construction companies typically require asset tracking to keep track of their equipment on various sites. Equipment that has been deployed at multiple sites can be stolen or damaged without your knowledge. However, managing your equipment with an asset tracking system can improve asset security and is effortless and time-saving.

Construction tracking equipment helps to preserve and extend the life of your fleet of equipment. The asset tracking software keeps a record of your machinery’s location and movement so you have a clear overview of where your assets are at all times. The equipment tracking software also assists you in staying organised and informed about the diverse range of equipment your construction company owns.

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How Can We Track Construction Equipment?

We know you’re interested in learning more about how the construction tracking system works. We recognise your problem’s nature and are here to provide reliable solutions. 

We understand that your equipment and machinery travels between construction sites and crosses over from one project to another as part of your operations.

It can be tough to keep track of hundreds of pieces of equipment scattered across various construction sites. You might also be getting tired of trying to keep track of all the information about your construction machinery.

Asset tags for tools and equipment are a simple solution to this problem that you can use quickly and easily. Once you have tagged the asset, use the itemit mobile app to scan the tag. itemit will automatically record the asset’s location. That is how your construction equipment tracking challenge becomes a lot less difficult to solve!

You can also create a site and project location hierarchy. Then, using itemit’s asset management software, you can keep track of which areas and projects have which equipment and machinery.

What Are The Different Types Of Equipment Tags?

Tags of various types are used for asset management and equipment tagging. QR codes/Barcode tags, GPS tags, and RFID are some examples. Each of these tags can be used to track or manage assets. However, they differ in their methods of operation. For your understanding we have briefly stated them below:


1. QR/Barcode Asset Tags

QR or barcode asset tags enable you to scan an asset with your smartphone camera and instantly view the asset’s digital record, eliminating the need to first search for the asset. It allows you to view and edit the information on an asset’s digital profile by scanning the tag with itemit’s built-in QR/barcode scanner without having to search for the asset manually.

When you scan this tag, the asset’s location and the user’s identity who scanned it are both updated. It also allows you to create a historical map of asset movement, which you can use to make better and more specific future planning decisions.

2. GPS

Compared to QR/barcode asset tracking, GPS asset tracking is more convenient for larger pieces of equipment that are always on the move. GPS asset tracking helps you to track assets over long distances in real-time.

Suppose you can not access your GPS tracker physically. It will automatically update your asset data. Especially the information about the location of your asset.

Construction companies use GPS tracking devices for more than just keeping track of vehicles transporting materials, crews, and other goods. Using GPS tracking devices to track construction assets simplifies asset management as it gives you an accurate real-time location of each asset. It provides more data and security than just barcodes and RFID tags. Installation of GPS devices on non-powered and powered assets can benefit construction companies, equipment leasing companies, and manufacturers, among others.

3. RFID Tags

Aside from GPS asset tracking systems, RFID asset tracking systems are the most useful for construction companies as they offer maximum efficiency. It is a popular way to automate the management and tracking of physical assets. It works by attaching an RFID tag to an asset. RFID uses radiofrequency waves to communicate with other devices and helps build a connection between them.

RFID asset tracking systems are advantageous for small but expensive, movable objects. In the construction business your company relies on high-value assets, you recognise the significance of tracking tools, IT devices, vehicles, and even employees.


Why Should You Go For Asset Tracking?

It is challenging to stay organised when working in the construction industry with all your tools and equipment. You might be apprehensive about continuing to entrust software with all of your heavy-duty machinery and equipment. But what you’re going to read will change your mind. 

We are enlisting other relevant benefits of itemit construction equipment tracking software below:

1. Safety Of Equipment 

itemit’s construction equipment tracking tool lets you scan tools and equipment to check them in on the construction site using your smartphone. Keeping track of where your assets are located and who owns them is always possible.

The likelihood of losing an asset decreases significantly if you use the itemit asset tracking tool to keep track of your equipment.

2. Longevity Of Construction Equipment

The tracking of construction equipment can also help you extend the life of your equipment. You’re probably wondering how? A well-maintained asset will last for a more extended time than an unmaintained asset. itemit lets you ensure the timely maintenance of your assets through a recurring maintenance notification.

The timely maintenance of your construction equipment will assist you in extending the life of your equipment and tools. Not just that, but it also prevents unexpected costs. With itemit, you can create maintenance schedules for your assets and receive notifications when each asset needs to be repaired or replaced.

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3. Helps You With Resource Management

itemit assists you in assigning tools and machinery to specific users so that each site team is aware of the assets they are responsible for maintaining. Because itemit lets them know where each piece of equipment was last seen, your team will always find it when required. You can also set up recurring reminders to remind you when the kit is due to be returned, ensuring that users never forget to return an asset.

4. Accountability Of Workforce 

The itemit construction tracking software enables teams to take responsibility for their on-site assets. If an asset goes missing, you can easily investigate and practice accountability using our construction tracking software. Keeping track of your equipment, as a result, makes it easier to hold your team accountable for their actions.

5. Enhances Your Team’s Efficency

itemit improves team performance and efficiency by making work more manageable and efficient through collaborative efforts. Suppose you want your team to be more productive and responsible for your company. In that case, itemit can help you achieve that goal.

itemit is an elementary and straightforward program to operate and navigate through. You can share important asset records with the appropriate team member to reduce redundancy and increase efficiency. That is how itemit enhances your team’s efficiency by assisting you in staying within your project’s budget and time constraints.

6. Divide The Workload

itemit makes it easier for your team to find the information they need and to keep asset records up to date. Thus, reducing the burden of maintaining the records on you. 

While sharing is caring does not apply to problems or work, we all know that sharing solves half the problems. Sharing your work responsibilities with your colleagues makes it easier for you to deal with them. Encourage your team to assist you in maintaining a record of your assets. itemit is the best choice to achieve that!

7. Maintains Record

By combining asset movement, use, maintenance, and financial data, you can build a complete and accurate picture of your asset portfolio. 

It helps you make timely decisions and increase productivity by creating an audit trail for all of your assets regularly.

You can also add additional information about construction tracking tools and keep a record of the equipment, such as warranties, financial data, insurance information, and compliance information, in the construction tracking tool database.

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What Are The Features Of itemit Asset Tracking Software?

The following features increase the value of our asset tracking software:

1. Flexible Reminders

You have complete control over your asset management with itemit’s flexible reminders. When a piece of equipment needs to be serviced or maintained, you can receive convenient notifications. This allows you to take action in real-time and saves you time in the future.

2. Access Remotely 

The ability to track multiple assets at the same time is the most valuable feature of itemit asset tracking software. Its exceptional offline capabilities ensure that your access to the information you require is never interrupted.

3. Scanning And Transparency

itemit ensures transparency by providing you with the ability to see your assets clearly. It assists you in identifying the team member who is responsible for the loss of any equipment. Simply scanning the tag on each asset will cause the asset’s location to be automatically updated.

4. IT Asset Management 

itemit’s top asset management features enable you to organise your IT equipment. The IT equipment may include company mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and computers. 

Using itemit you can assign each device to a location and add valuable reminders such as warranty expiration dates and PAT testing. You can also see the last location of any device using itemit’s unique features.


itemit provides industry-leading GPS trackers, as well as user-friendly software and apps that provide you with valuable data about the movement and location of your construction equipment.

Please feel free to contact us at to learn more about how itemit can benefit your construction business. You can also fill out the form below to begin your free trial of the asset tracking software that is ideal for your construction business.

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