How To Keep Track Of Your Stationery Cupboard

How To Keep Track Of Your Stationery Cupboard

Is your stationery cupboard a mess? Do you find it hard to know what’s what and whether you have enough of everything? If your answer to these questions is “Yes”, you need to use an office equipment management system. 

We all think that we’ll keep our stationery cupboard under control. However, realistically cupboards such as these are usually somewhat unkempt. They may also be full to the brim of pencils and paper clips that you just don’t need. Unfortunately, they tend not to be full of those items of stationery that you actually need so you can work. 

When you use an equipment management system to keep track of everything, you’ll find doing so is easy. In fact, you can leave most of the hard work to the system. This means you can get on with your tasks while using the stationery you actually need.

Create A Digital Profile For Everything

Now it’s time for you to start using a trusted office equipment management system. Be sure to choose a system that has a good reputation and offers you a lot for your money. You should also make sure that the system is updated frequently and has a good level of security. 

Once you’ve chosen a product that’s right for you it’s time to create digital profiles. Do this for every asset you want to track. Wish to track a pile of notebooks and some boxes of pens?  Place a barcode or an RFID tag on the box or the edge of the shelf where a box will sit. Then, scan the barcode. Your system will automatically create a profile that you can fill with an abundance of information. Add as much information as you please and do this for each profile you create.

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Let Your Management System Do The Ordering For You

Did you know that depending on the office equipment management system you choose it can order products for you? Let’s imagine that you have 20 boxes of blue ink pens that you get through every month. 

Once you’re down to your last few boxes the system can do the ordering for you. Please note, the system can only do this when you tick a box to say that you’ve opened a new box. Once you have, the system will order from your chosen manufacturer for you. This ensures that you always have plenty of blue ink pens in stock. It also means that you don’t have to spend precious time ordering more pens again. 

Say “Goodbye” To Non-Existing Assets

Ghost assets as those assets that exist but are no longer being used. Assets such as these include broken down printers, modems that don’t power up, and so on. Assets like these have some value but they cannot be used so there’s little point in your business owning them. 

Your new office equipment management system can help you say “Goodbye” to assets such as these. This is because when you’re creating profiles for everything you will no doubt come across them. This is when you need to make a decision about what to do with them. You can either send the assets for repair or simply get rid of them. Either way, you can say “Goodbye” to ghost assets and have a better idea about how much your business is worth.

Allocate A Specific Number Of Pens

Did you know that you can allocate a specific number of pens, for example, and other types of stationary? You could give each department 3 boxes of pens a month. Should they run out they can ask you for more. A request can be made via the management system so you have a record of it. A request such as this also means that the system knows how many 

When you allocate stationery it’s less likely to go missing. It also ensures that the right number of boxes of printer paper are sent to each department.

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Prevent Stationery From Going Missing

You could probably put up with a few pens and maybe even a notepad or two going missing every month. However, any more than that and it could start to get quite expensive.

Here is where making the most of your new office equipment management system can really help you out. 

  1. You can track who has been in your stationary cupboard and when
  2. You can see what everyone has taken out of the cupboard with your authority
  3. It’s possible to detect unauthorised usage/theft
  4. You could allocate stationery, as we have already seen

Your team members will see that all of the stationary is tracked and, therefore, be less likely to steal or lose it. 

Keep track of your stationery cupboard with ease. Know what you have in stock and what you need to order. Understand which department needs more pens and which needs less paper. Limit loss and theft while making sure you eliminate ghost assets. 



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