How To Track All of Your Construction Tools with Ease

How To Track All of Your Construction Tools with Ease

If you own or run a construction site, you will know it’s not easy to take care of your tools. What’s even harder is tracking all of your tools. If you have tools in more than one location, keeping a track of them can seem impossible. 

The great news is that when you use the right equipment tracking software, tracking becomes so much easier.

Tracking Construction Tools

Some people use spreadsheets to help them track their tools. Other people use notebooks, and some simply jot down who has what. Unfortunately, these are not effective or reliable ways of tracking your tools. 

As you are no doubt aware, your tools cost money. Should you lose or have them stolen you could end up paying for too much to replace them. This is where using reliable equipment tracking software can make a real difference. 

Thanks to the way that the software works, you will know where every single tool is all of the time. In order to achieve this, you would need to create a digital profile for every single tool, piece of machinery, and equipment. To do this, you need to fix a barcode to each of your assets. Once scanned, the barcode will bring up a digital profile showing you where your tools are. 

Don’t worry, the barcodes that you have fixed to your tools have been made to last. They stick firmly to your tools, allowing you to track them. 

When you know exactly where all of your tools are 24 hours a day, seven days a week you can have peace of mind. Consequently, you could get rid of those unreliable spreadsheets, notebooks and lists. A direct result of this means that, for the very first time you could have an accurate list of all of your assets.

Business Asset Tracking

Improving Overall Maintenance

Regardless of how large or small your business is, you will need to take care of all of your tools. This is where using the right equipment tracking software can make a real difference. While you are setting up your digital profiles, you will be given the opportunity to create reminders. 

In theory, you could set up maintenance reminders for all of your tools. In practice, this could take a little time, but once it’s done you will know your tools are being looked after. This is always good to know.

A direct result of your tools being maintained frequently is that they are less likely to fail. What this means is your tools could realistically last longer. This potentially means that you could save money every year and that’s never a bad thing. You could put that money to good use elsewhere.

Tool Recognition Made Easy

Knowing exactly what tools you should use for the next job can be easy. However, identifying the tools can be difficult. This is exactly why you need to use reliable And modern equipment tracking software. Software such as this often allows you to take and upload photographs of your tools. This can help with identification, ensuring that you only ever use the tools for the job.

Recognition can be important when you want to make sure the right teams only ever have the right equipment. For example, you may want to make sure that a specific truck is only ever used on a specific site. If you want a worker to use a truck, a photo of the truck ensures they drive the right one away.

Improving Security

Not everyone is aware that when they start using some equipment tracking software it helps to boost security. This is because: 

  • You always know where all of your tools are all day, every day
  • You can assign tools to specific people
  • It may be possible to set up a check-in check-out feature so you know who has what
  • It will be clear that all of your tools are tracked
  • Workers are less likely to lose or take your tools
  • Should a few of your tools be left behind somewhere it will be easy to track them. A result of this means they can be retrieved. 

Without specifically trying to improve security levels, you could find that your new equipment tracking software does just that. Consequently, you could spend less money replacing tools that have been lost or stolen.  

It is entirely possible for you to track all of your construction tools with ease. All that you need to do is to make sure you use the right tracking software with the right features. You could find that tracking every single tool, piece of equipment, machinery, and vehicles, etc is easier than you imagined. 


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