The Benefits Of IT Asset Tracking For Software Licence Management

The Benefits Of IT Asset Tracking For Software Licence Management

Software licence management can be quite a hard task. We are all aware of how important it is to track software licences. However, doing so can take a lot of time. The ideal way to combat these difficulties is by using IT asset tracking to its full advantage. When you do, as many businesses do, it’s likely that managing licences will be much easier. Here’s why:

You Can Track All Of Your Software Licences

It is entirely possible for you and your team to track your licences in one place. All that you have to do is to upload the details of each licence to your chosen IT asset tracking technology. Once you have uploaded the name of a licence, for example, you could also add the following details:

  • Who you purchased the licence from
  • When you purchased the licence
  • The date of expiry
  • A note about any recent updates
  • Any difficulties you have had with the software 
  • How much the licence costs
  • And anything else that could be worth noting

When you have all of the details and more to hand, it makes tracking everything so much easier. Did you know that you can also set permissions so you can limit who can see the above information? This can help to improve security levels. Should you need to add someone to the access list, you can and within moments.

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You Can See Who Has What Software Licences

If you have a large team or you deal with a company’s licences among other things, you may not know who has what. One of the most useful benefits of using IT asset tracking technology is you can see who has what. 

You could, for example, assign different licences to specific people. Alternatively, you may wish to simply note down who has what and where they are. With this information to hand, you can potentially have much more control over everything. 

You may also be able to see who has recently updated or even purchased licences. To do this, however, you will need to allow the team members in question to have access to the tracking software. When they have access, they can update the software as and when required.

It’s Possible To Set Licence Renewal Reminders

We have already looked at a range of benefits associated with using IT asset tracking for software licence management. However, we have not looked at the most important benefit. This benefit relates to the ability to set licence renewal reminders. 

Knowing when a licence expires can be difficult, especially if you have dozens. Some people rely on spreadsheets and search through them to ensure nothing has expired. Other people rely on the information that they have written down in a notebook. However, these methods can be full of innocent mistakes and very limited in terms of security and reliability.

Setting a reminder to alert you that a licence will soon need to be renewed is ideal. It gives you the time to look for alternative software, if necessary or to simply renew the licence. Once new software has been purchased or old software has been renewed, a further reminder can be set. 

Did you know that you can even edit the reminders, should you wish to? You can even make sure that other team members receive the reminders. As a result, all of your software licences are likely to be up to date. 

With this technology at your fingertips, you and your team can start: 

  • Saving money as you may not have to pay to replace expired software licences
  • Making sure the latest software is used on every computer, laptop, etc
  • Ensuring everyone has the right permissions 
  • Allowing you and your team to gain access to the information you entered about each licence

Setting renewal reminders can help your business to run more smoothly. This is simply due to the fact that you’ll have access to the software you use when you need it.

Security Can Be Improved

Using IT asset tracking technology ensures that security is bumped up so much so that it’s nothing short of impressive. This is thanks to the ability to restrict who has access to the information. When the necessary people have access to the information, security is vastly increased. 

There is always a risk that the wrong people could gain access to the information that you have entered into each licence’s digital profile. This can never be a good thing, which means it’s hugely important you and your team do what you can to keep all information safe. Using asset tracking technology can help you to do this easily. 


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The Beneficial Method Of Asset Tracking For Software Licence Management

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