3 Features You Need In Your School Asset Management Software

3 Features You Need In Your School Asset Management Software

Your school can benefit from robust school asset management software. School asset management software allows you to save time and money by increasing the accountability and control you hold over assets.

With school asset management software, you’ll be able to:

  • Keep an accurate register of what you own
  • Speed up insurance, accounting, and maintenance operations
  • Lose fewer assets
  • Purchase fewer duplicate assets
  • Reduce the number of physical asset interactions
  • And more!

Asset tracking helps you keep costs low and productivity high, allowing you to spend more time on what’s important.


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What Is School Asset Management Software?

School asset management software is a system which allows you to log, manage, and track your assets.

Each of your assets, which may be equipment, IT assets, or furniture, will get their own unique profile. You’ll then be able to add data to this profile, such as important dates, financial information, and usage data.

There are a few critical features you need in your school asset management software. Find out more below.

Location Tracking Services

Location tracking will greatly assist your asset tracking operations. Being able to view where assets are allows you to speed up your maintenance operations and reduce physical asset interactions.

You’ll be able to use asset tags to improve your location tracking operations. Asset tags also speed things up, as every time you scan an asset’s tag with your smartphone, the asset’s profile will also open.

Therefore, if an asset requires maintenance, the process is simple. Scan the tag and click a button to report the issue. The asset’s last seen location will update automatically as well as the user who scanned it, giving you a transparent view of what needs to be addressed and where.

You’ll also be able to use hierarchical locations to run audits on your assets. In other words, you can verify that all of your assets are exactly where they should be.

Maintenance And PAT Test Automation

You’ll also need effective maintenance features in your school asset management software. It is crucial that your assets are well maintained and that you reduce the number of physical interactions with them.

Therefore, you’ll need features which automate and improve maintenance. With effective asset tracking software, you’ll be able to set reminders for important dates.

So, if you want to improve your PAT test tracking, you’ll be able to add a bulk reminder to automate this. Then, when your reminder is due, you’ll get an email notification reminding you that maintenance is needed.

Helpful Accounting Features

In industry, many companies use asset tracking software for fixed asset management operations. These features are easily transferrable to schools.

You’ll be able to keep an automated, up to date, and transparent register of all of your assets. Any change that you log will be reflected in this register, too.

This is incredibly helpful for accounting purposes, as you’ll be able to see costs related to assets and know when replacements are necessary. 

Your asset register will be usable for insurance, tax, and financial purposes, too, and you’ll also be able to attach crucial information, such as warranties, to the relevant assets themselves.

Using itemit To Track Your School’s Assets

itemit’s asset management software is built on feedback from our customers. We’re working with many schools at the moment, and implementing helpful and effective systems.

With itemit, you get all of the features you need and more. You’ll be able to create an equipment booking system with ease, for example, and instantly start seeing a return on investment.

To find out more about how itemit can help your school, you’ll be able to start your free trial using the form below. You can also contact the team at team@itemit.com.

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