Tips For Choosing The Right Equipment Management Software

Tips For Choosing The Right Equipment Management Software

Nowadays, many businesses of all shapes and sizes use management software to control their assets. Any reliable equipment management system will let owners, managers, and their teams have more control. A consequence of this is that the business in question can be more organised, productive, and potentially more profitable. 

But how easy is it to choose the right software? Let’s explore this now.

Think About What You’re Looking For

What is it that you want from an equipment management system? Would you like it to show you where your assets are or who is using them? Perhaps you’d prefer it if you could quickly note the asset’s price at purchase or its instruction manual.

When you know what you’re looking for, you’re much more likely to find the right type of software.

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Consider Whether You Need A Location Tracking Feature

A distinct and very clear advantage of using any modern software is its location tracking feature. In fact, being able to track any amount of chosen assets is a major reason for using such software. 

When you use this feature, depending on which equipment management system you use you could: 

  • See exactly where each asset is located
  • Understand whether some assets have arrived at the correct destination 
  • Know if your assets are in the right hands
  • Allow you to have peace of mind

Understanding where your assets are tends to be very easy. There typically isn’t a difficult method for you to use. Depending on the equipment system you choose, you may be able to locate your assets by doing some of the following:

  • Attaching a barcode, RFID tag, or QR code to each asset
  • Scanning the barcode, RFID tag or QR to open up and create a digital profile
  • Using this profile allows you to add information about the asset in question and track it, should you wish to
  • Help you to understand whether an asset is in need of maintenance 
  • Help you to understand who is using and who has used the asset

Please note, the above explanation is just an example. Your chosen software/system may do things slightly differently. Before you opt for some software, make sure it offers you what you want. It would be a shame if you purchased some equipment management software that wasn’t right for you. Make sure you check so that you have what you need.

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Do You Need Multi-Device Access?

Many types of software offer you the chance to access your new tracking system via a range of devices. Some only ever let you have access via your computer. The good news is that you can find at least one equipment management system which has multi-device access. You could, for example, log in using your desktop computer or your laptop. Perhaps you would like to log into the software via your phone or your tablet. Irrespective of the type of device that you wish to use, you could log in with ease. 

Did you know that as long as you can gain access to the internet you can log into some management systems? You could, for example, be in your office and choose to log in via your tablet. You may be at home and decide to use your desktop. You could be on the train and log in using your smartphone. Finally, you could be working in the field and log into the portal using your laptop. No matter where you are, you could gain access using a range of devices. Ensure you opt for some software that offers you this as it can make life easier.

Think About Each Asset’s Digital Profile

Now it’s time for you to think about each of your asset’s digital profiles. What would you like them to contain? This may not be something that you have previously considered. However, as soon as a digital profile has been created it can be filled with important information. This is, of course, as long as you use an equipment management system that allows this. If you do, you could fill your digital profiles with every asset’s date and price of purchase, warranty and insurance details, instruction manual or link to it, list of permitted users, and even a photograph of the asset. 

You may even wish to mention where the asset is typically located. This could be beneficial if you are tracking fixed assets that are stored in a large building or on a large construction site, for example. While the location tracking feature can help, sometimes just knowing that a machine is at the end of warehouse 4 can also help. 

Think about what you want from your chosen management software. Make sure that when you sign up for something, it offers you all that you need. When it does, there’s a real chance that it could make your working day so much easier. 


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