Use QR Code Asset Tracking To Keep Your Business Organised

Use QR Code Asset Tracking To Keep Your Business Organised

Keeping your business organised can be easier said than done. It does not matter how small your business is, it can still be difficult to keep everything ship-shape. The good news is that when you use QR code asset tracking, organising everything is so much easier. This is thanks primarily to the software that is used to help you to keep track of your assets. 

Let’s delve a little deeper into the use of QR codes and how they can help your business to stay organised.

Why Using QR Codes Makes Sense

Using QR codes to help you with your asset tracking just makes a lot of sense. This is because doing so means you won’t have to use or buy any third-party readers. You can simply use tablets or smartphones, should you wish to. What this means for you is you can start to track your assets almost right away. All that you need to do is to affix a QR code on to the assets you wish to track. As soon as you have, the assets can be scanned and you can update each asset’s profile. You could add a check-in and check-out feature if it’s available, and a maintenance schedule. Some tracking software will also allow you to report issues, create exportable reports, and much more.

Business Asset Tracking

Making Asset Identification Easy

One of the major benefits of using QR code asset tracking is that identification is easier. You are probably aware of what a lot of your assets look like. However, some may not be as easy to identify. Additionally, if you have a lot of assets that look the same, using QR codes can take away any confusion. All that you need to do is to scan the QR code and you’ll be notified about the asset in question. You‘ll be shown which asset it is and any information you added to the asset’s digital profile. 

Did you know that when you use the right tracking software you could also use a booking system? You could allow specific people to use specific assets at any given time. This feature not only helps you to ensure the right people use the right assets, it also boosts security. We’ll take a look at security a little later on.

Staying Accountable

You’ll already be aware that you need to stay accountable. However, when you use QR code asset tracking you could automatically be even more accountable. This is simply because you will know what assets you have and even each asset’s value. Just make sure that when you create an asset’s profile you add the estimated or real value to it. When doing so, you allow yourself to have a better idea as to how your business is performing.

Finding Your Assets Quickly

One of the major benefits of asset tracking is that it allows you to find your assets quickly. You could, for example, see that your new soldering machine is where it should be. It will be possible to see that one of your delivery trucks has reached its destination. You could see that a pallet full of stock is located in warehouse 2, and so on. 

When you have the ability to find your assets quickly it means you can save time. If you spend at least a few minutes every day looking for different assets you’re not being productive. However, when you use QR codes, you stop being unproductive and you ultimately get more done. This can only be a good thing.

Keeping Everything Safer And More Secure

Did you know that QR code asset tracking can help to keep everything safer and more secure? When you affix a QR code to your assets it’s occasionally obvious that they’re being tracked. A direct result of this means that your assets are less likely to get stolen or lost. In fact, your colleagues are more likely to take greater care of your assets. After all, you’ll know exactly who has used them and when. Just make sure you use the check-in/check-out feature so you can see which of your colleagues are using what.

Lowering Your Maintenance Costs

Finally, QR codes can help to lower your maintenance costs. When you create a digital profile using a QR code, you could choose to set a maintenance reminder. A result of this means that you or your maintenance team will be alerted when it’s time to examine each asset. When assets are looked after, they’re less likely to need major repairs. Consequently, your costs could be lowered. 


It’s clear that using QR code tracking can help you to keep your business organised. From lowering maintenance costs to making everything identifiable. It’s no wonder that more and more businesses are now using QR codes to their full advantage. 

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