Managing Remote Equipment And The Challenges It Presents

Managing Remote Equipment And The Challenges It Presents

Businesses everywhere are likely to have equipment management concerns. This is especially the case if a lot of equipment has to be managed remotely. 

Keeping track of all types of equipment when it’s not in the same location can be difficult. However, with the use of equipment tracking tags and tracking software, challenges can be a thing of the past. Irrespective of this, we’re here to look at some of the challenges that managing remote equipment offers.

Lost Or Stolen Equipment

When equipment is used out in the field there is always the risk that some may be lost or stolen. Perhaps the level of security that surrounds the equipment is not as high as it is elsewhere. As a result, things can be misplaced quite innocently. However, there may also be the opportunity for theft if security is not what it should be. With this in mind, it’s very likely that many businesses have to replace stolen or lost equipment every year. This, in turn, means that the bottom line can suffer.

Business Asset Tracking

Human Errors

Even though technology such as equipment tracking tags exist, some businesses still use spreadsheets to track equipment. Decades ago, spreadsheets were indeed the best way to keep track of finances, equipment, and much more. However, there are more secure and reliable ways to do this. 

If your business still relies on spreadsheets, or worst still, log books, you open yourselves up to human errors. People can and do make mistakes even if they have the best intentions. As a result, it’s possible that your business’s financial figures and the estimated value of your equipment are not realistic. This is where using software can make a difference, that is, if you’re willing to use it.

Not Knowing Who Has What

Another challenge that comes with managing remote equipment is not knowing who has what. Without having access to every log book or being able to see who’s using what equipment, you simply have to guess. You may not know that someone is using the wrong scanner. You may be unaware that one of your trucks is being driven by someone who should not be driving it. 

All that you can do is instruct your team to undertake the work and mention which equipment you’d like them to use. This is as much control as you have over the situation. 

Some types of tracking software allow you to check equipment in and out. This essentially means that you can see who is driving that truck. You can see whether your team members are using the right scanners.

When you ask people to check equipment in and out, doing so helps to boost security. The software you use will track who has checked what out and when. You can also see when they checked the equipment back in again. Additionally, your team will know that there is software that tracks what they use and when they use it. The software may even show how long the equipment was used for and why. As a result, it’s very likely that you will see a boost in security levels.

Less equipment is likely to go missing or even become damaged. You may also find that less equipment will be stolen. This is because those who check something out may feel more responsible for it as they use their name to check it out.

Equipment Maintenance Issues

Another challenge that is faced by those who manage remote equipment is maintenance. It can be hard or almost impossible to know which equipment is in good working order and which needs to be repaired. 

You may not know that a laptop that’s used by someone in the field is not working as well as it should. However, when you use equipment tracking tags and tracking software, these issues start to fade away. Users can report when equipment stops working or has a potential problem. As a result, your maintenance department can ask for the equipment to be sent to them. 

An additional maintenance issue that can arise revolves around the upkeep of your equipment. Ideally, every piece of equipment, no matter what it is, will be serviced at regular intervals. However, when you’re managing some equipment remotely it’s not always clear what has been serviced and when. This is where using equipment tracking tags and software can help. Being updated with maintenance reminders can help to ensure that all equipment receives the care it needs so it can continue to work well for you.

If you would like to speak to someone about managing remote equipment and using equipment tracking tags talk to us today. We’re a team of experts who are here to help. You can reach us now at: and discover just how equipment tracking tags and reliable software can make a difference.

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