How to Organise your Assets with Barcodes and itemit

How to Organise your Assets with Barcodes and itemit

Here at itemit, we offer Barcode Tracking software to companies of all shapes and sizes and individuals too. Assets can easily be organised when you bring barcodes into the equation. In addition to this, QR codes along with barcodes can be used with itemit to track items. 

Keeping your assets organised can help to make life so much easier. Knowing where all of your assets are all day, every day, can help you to complete work faster. You will no longer need to search for a long time to find the assets you need. You can simply locate the assets quickly and use them to undertake the task in question.

The Best Asset Tracking Implementations And Use Cases

The Ability to Read Any Barcode

When you use the right Barcode Tracking software, any barcode can be read. Simply scan the barcode and any information you’ve inputted into the software will show. 

To track assets, all you need to do is scan the barcode and you’ll be shown a menu. Input the asset’s details into the menu and enter as much information as you wish. Once you’ve entered everything you’ll need to save the details and you’re done. The next time you scan that particular barcode, the entered information will be shown. 

Additionally, you’ll be given a location update. The update will show you the asset’s last known location, helping you to find exactly where it is.

Add Books to the System

Here at itemit, we are more than happy to supply you with QR codes should you require them. However, you may not always need to purchase codes and tags. Most books, for example, come with barcodes. Therefore, adding books to the system will allow you to locate them, find out the book’s purchase date, whether it’s a first edition, who owns the book, and more. 

Anything that already has a barcode can be added to itemit’s system, making them easier to track. 

Whether you work for a company or you simply want to track your books at home, you can. Scanning each book’s barcode allows users to input details about the book itself and its possible location. 

Users can note that they have placed the book in a specific room. This ensures that the next time they open the software, they can see that they have a general idea about its location.  However, itemit’s software will show the user where the last known location is. What this means is that finding the book in question can be easier. It’s not simply in the spare bedroom, it’s located on the bookshelf on the right-hand side.

Instantly Report Issues

Thanks to the way that the Barcode Tracking software works, users can instantly report issues. Should an asset break down, users can log into itemit and report what has happened. As soon as the report has been received, other users will be notified. This ensures that the maintenance team can book the asset in for repairs.

As the software makes issue reporting very easy, assets are more likely to be taken care of. What this essentially means is each asset will have a longer lifespan. In addition to this, companies may no longer need to spend quite as much money replacing assets. As a result, more money can be spent elsewhere, helping the company to thrive. This is what the right Barcode Tracking software can do for you and your company.

Attach Photos

It is possible to add photographs to itemit, helping to make the Barcode Tracking software even more useful. Users will be able to view photographs of the asset in question, helping to make identification easier. Multiple photographs can be added to the system if required. This feature can prove to be quite useful if an asset has sustained damage, for example. Uploading the photographs can give workers in the maintenance department an idea as to how the asset has been damaged. 

Photographs are not the only thing that users can upload. It is also possible to upload forms and manuals. Manuals, for example, can be highly useful when users are trying to ascertain how to use machinery for the first time. However, manuals can go missing or become damaged over time. This is where having the manuals in itemit’s system can prove to be highly useful.

All that users need to do is select the manual and they’ll be able to access it. There is no need to look for the manual or order a new one online. The manual will be easily accessible for people to use as and when it is needed.

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