using collections to track equipment

On the 9th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: a better way to manage and group assets.

When you’re trying to track equipment, you don’t always want to track your assets individually. Sometimes, it’s helpful to group your assets by their status or each asset type to see which assets are doing what.

How can you track equipment by status? It’s up to you! With itemit, you can group your assets into collections. This can be a collection of assets that are out for maintenance, a collection of equipment that is high value, or even, collections of equipment that are the same colour!



Using Collections to Track Equipment

We created collections for greater ease of use when it comes to equipment tracking. The ability to group your assets means that you can look at an asset’s overall status simply by looking at our reporting feature.

With reports, you can also filter your information by collection. This means that you can look at a specific group of assets all at once, without having to jump through hoops to see their status. 

For example, if you want to see where all of the assets that are under maintenance are, add them to an “under maintenance” collection, and then use the reporting feature to see the last seen location of all of your assets.


asset register


Using Collections for Financial Information

If you want to differentiate your high-value assets from your day to day fixed assets, you can group them in different collections.

This means you’ll be able to create an even higher level of accountability and maintain an effective audit trail for your high-value assets. This way, you’ll be able to see the information pertaining to your high-value assets separate to your complete fixed asset register.

 With collections, you can still track equipment effectively, but it’s not as unwieldy as it would be if you were only tracking asset by asset.


itemit and Collections

When you want to track equipment by putting it into a collection, there’s no limit to the number of collections it can exist in.

In the itemit app, collections will appear as coloured boxes next to the asset name. These colours are customisable and can, therefore, give you an immediate view of the status of an asset.


collections for equipment tracking


For example, if an asset is broken, you can create a collection called “damaged” and colour it red. This way, whenever you’re looking at your asset register, you can instantly see which assets are damaged and which are working well. 

With itemit, the ability to track equipment is quick and easy. We developed our collections feature to make this even simpler. 

When using collections, reports become much more customisable, and so, when it comes to exporting reports, you can see the exact information you need. Collections, therefore, allows you an extra level of customizability over how you track equipment. 

If you want to use itemit to track equipment, or if you have any other asset tracking or management needs, you can contact us to discuss them further or simply fill in the form below.



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