IT Asset Management Software and working from home

If a lot of your colleagues are working from home at the moment, it’s more vital than ever to have extra layers of accountability. When assets move around, it’s a lot easier for them to go missing. When all of your colleagues return to your offices, it’ll also be helpful to scan all of the assets in, so that you know crucial pieces of hardware have made it back.

Any asset can be tracked this way with IT asset management software, whether it’s laptops for emergency working from home or keyboards, monitors, phones and cables for recreating the office setup. 


Assign Assets to Users

First of all, being able to assign assets to your staff quickly adds immediate layers of transparency and accountability. Maintaining IT asset management software ensures you have full visibility over where your PCs, hardware and devices are. For example, if you have distributed emergency equipment to enable working from home, you should log what is given to each staff member to provide you with the confidence of who has what.


See What Hardware is Available Remotely

If your IT asset management software also has an integrated equipment checkout feature, you can see instantly which pieces of kit have been taken and which are still available. This is very handy if you need to quickly find all assets that are available due to a work from home emergency such as that currently facing the world with the Coronavirus.


Better, Instant Communication

Communication is key when you’re working from home, but sometimes whichever way you’re communicating it may not be enough. When you’re using a hardware asset management system, you save time and money thanks to accessing the data you need with the click of a button.


Fix Issues Faster

Unfortunately, sometimes pieces of equipment will inevitably go wrong. When your team are working remotely, it can become cumbersome for your colleagues to raise issues on assets. They have to make sure they’ve found the right serial number for their device or laptop and report it to the correct person. Often issues can require urgent attention and it’s hard to ensure you can get this across to remote working teams.

IT asset management software can save the day again here. If a laptop is broken, all it takes is a quick scan of its tag, then the issue can be submitted for the right people to see. This way, you’ll be able to get a replacement to your colleague sooner, rather than spending too much time ascertaining what the problem is, how urgent it is and exactly what spare parts/replacements are required.

To get a better understanding of how to track IT hardware and equipment, check out some of our handy tutorial videos below.

Assigning assets to your colleagues
managing issues with IT asset management software
booking assets and checking them in and out

So, if you’re trying to manage a new working from home scenario efficiently, get the extra accountability you need and invest in IT asset management software. To find out more, you can call us on 01223 421611, or email us at

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