Improve Equipment Tracking With RFID Tags

Improve Equipment Tracking With RFID Tags

When you want to track your equipment and track it easily you need an RFID asset tracking system that works well. There are other types of tracking systems available, however, using RFID tags is the best option. This is simply because using these tags provides an accurate and simple way for you to track anything.

Tracking Your Equipment

Tracking equipment, machinery, tools, tablets, computers, vehicles, and more is vital. When you know where everything is and even how often it’s being used you can have more control over it. 

An RFID asset tracking system can quickly and easily allow you to see where your assets are. It can show you how many times it’s been used and by whom. You can see if there are any issues with your assets and even if they’re in the queue for maintenance.

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Tracking Fixed Assets

Did you know that you can track fixed assets? Ok, so you may not be able to track them in the same way as non-fixed assets. However, tracking fixed equipment can be very helpful. Allowing an RFID asset tracking system to track anything fixed is a good idea. Again, you can see how many times it’s been used and its maintenance status. 

Let’s imagine that you work in a large building. It’s your responsibility to maintain fixed assets. Knowing where they are can be difficult. However, when you have tracking software that shows you where everything is, it makes your job easier. Additionally, you can create maintenance reports and update asset status via the software. As a result, you and your team can see what’s what.

How To Start Using RFID Tags

While using an RFID asset tracking system for the first time may seem daunting, it can in reality be quite simple. All that is required is for you to: 

  • Attach an RFID tag to your equipment 
  • Scan the tag so that a digital profile is created for that specific asset
  • Populate the profile with useful details about that specific asset 
  • Start tracking the asset in question right away
  • Collect data about your assets whenever they are used

Did you know that when you track anything using an RFID tag you can locate the asset easily? You don’t have to be standing next to the asset in order for the software to locate it. Just stand close to the asset and the software will pick it up. There’s no need for you to try to find the tag. This is highly convenient.

Collecting Data For Your Reports

Whenever you use your tracking system it will collect data. The data that the system collects could prove to be very useful. The reason for this is because the data will ultimately show you how your assets are being used. 

You could also potentially see how well your business is running. This is because you can track invoices, understand stock levels, and so much more. There’s a real opportunity here for you to make changes where they are needed, thereby helping your business to succeed. This may not be possible without you using asset tracking software.

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Keeping Your Equipment In Good Working Order

Any decent RFID asset tracking system will help you to keep your equipment in good working order. You can add reminders showing when each equipment’s maintenance schedule is due. You could understand what’s wrong with it through the notes people have left. Finally, you can keep everything in good working order as everything will be looked after.

Preventing Asset Loss

Your new RFID asset tracking system can help to prevent asset loss. When you attach an RFID tag to any asset it’s automatically tracked. You can see where your assets are at any given time. 

When everyone using your equipment sees an RFID tag they’ll know it’s being tracked. Consequently, they will be a lot less likely to lose or even take your equipment. While the use of tags such as this may not reduce theft entirely, they can make a real difference. Additionally, you may be able to see who last used the equipment and where it was before it was stolen. With this information, you could gain a better understanding of where your equipment is and who took it. Finally, this information makes retrieving the equipment much easier. You can simply log into the software & see where it’s located. 

You can realistically and easily improve asset tracking by using RFID tags. As you can see, it’s possible to improve tracking in a number of different ways. Therefore, there’s a real chance that you could boost your business with not very much effort on your part. 


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