The Importance Of Updating Your Asset Register In Real-Time

The Importance Of Updating Your Asset Register In Real-Time

In order for a business to be successful those who run it need to have full control over every aspect. One of the most important aspects of any business is its asset register. Knowing what assets you have, who is using them, and where they are is essential. However, not every business updates its asset register in real-time. 

Updating your assets in real-time is hugely important. Let’s take a look at why this is.

You Always Know What Assets You Have

When you use a trusted asset register app or online portal you will know what assets you have. This is a result of your app or portal allowing you to upload details of all of your assets. You can even see which assets you have in which departments, should you wish to. 

Using a QR code, you can scan each asset and see the maintenance status and who the last person to use the asset was. You could even read the asset’s instruction manual if you had previously uploaded it. So, when you update your asset register in real-time you see what assets you have. 

Did you know that you can also be familiar with multiple aspects of each asset? When you create a digital profile for each asset you can add a lot of information about each asset. When you have a digital profile that contains as much information as you wish, it means you can gain access to that information when you need to. So, for example, if you want to know when a vehicle was purchased, simply click on the profile to see it. As long as you previously added the information, it will be found in the asset’s profile.

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You Will Know Who Is Using Which Assets

Thanks to the way that many an asset register app works, you could know who is using which assets. The check-in and check-out feature of each asset will enable you to see which member of your team is using the asset in question. 

You could, for example, see that Mrs A from the warehouse is using the forklift. You could see that Mr. B is using a tablet in the sales department. 

When you know who is using which assets, you can potentially boost security. This is simply because users will have to put their names against an asset. They will know that you’re tracking the asset, therefore, it’s more likely to be looked after. 

Did you know that you can also track the location of your assets? As long as you use an asset register app that updates in real-time tracking will be easy. You can track your vehicles, tablets, and couple that with the check-in and check-out feature. As a result, you could see that Mr. B has gone to the office of a potential client and taken a tablet with him.

The Maintenance Status Of Your Assets Will Improve

When you update your asset register in real-time, the maintenance status of your assets will improve. Any modern and trusted asset register app will help you to keep every piece of equipment in good condition. 

You could, for example, set up a maintenance schedule for your equipment and everything else. When you do, you’ll receive notifications to tell you when a laptop, for example, is due for maintenance. This ensures that your assets are much more likely to be repaired, should they need it. When all of your tools, machinery, equipment, and computers are inspected frequently, they’re more likely to work well. A computer that is looked after could last longer than one that isn’t. This results in you needing to replace your computers less often. 

Some asset register apps even allow you to contact your maintenance team to let them know there’s a problem with an asset. This ensures the damaged asset can be repaired which means it won’t become a ghost asset. All of this can be achieved if you update your asset register in real-time.

You’re More Likely To Boost Your Bottom Line

When you use an asset register app that can be updated in real-time your bottom line can be boosted. You’re more likely to complete tasks much more quickly. You won’t have as many damaged assets that need replacing, and fewer to no assets will get lost. 

Using an asset register app or an online portal that allows you to do all of the above, your team’s productivity can be improved. There will be less downtime, more assets that work well, more fulfilled orders, and more security surrounding each asset. All of this can realistically be achieved if you use an app or an online portal that updates your asset register in real-time.

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