The Importance Of Data Security In Asset Tracking Software

The Importance Of Data Security In Asset Tracking Software

These days, it’s becoming increasingly important to keep your data safe and secure. Using a computer, a tablet, or a laptop can be less safe than you think if you don’t constantly update the software. Data that is allowed to go astray can fall into the wrong hands and cause problems for you and/or your business. 

Hackers are growing more sophisticated all of the time. As new methods to keep them away are created, so too do they come up with more methods to uncover your data. Therefore, it’s very important that you do all you can to keep your data safe when using an asset tracking system. 

We’ve all heard about cyberattacks that have caused major issues for large organisations. We’ve all seen the damage that these attacks have done. Working to keep yourself safe from cyberattacks and data breaches is possible if you know how.

How Data Security Can Keep Your Assets Safe

It goes without saying that you want to keep your data safe while using tracking software. The good news is that any modern asset tracking system is likely to have features and functions that keep your data safe. In fact, a modem asset tracking system will continuously identify and eliminate any risks that it finds. The only issue here is whether you use a tracking system that offers this level of security. 

When you use asset management to its full advantage it’s likely that you’ll be tracking your assets in real-time. This data is very valuable to any business no matter its shape or size. Should the data fall into the wrong hands it could result in you saying “goodbye” to those assets. When the wrong people know where your assets are and they know how they are tracked, they could take your assets and remove the tracking tag. This is why it’s imperative that your data is as secure as it possibly can be.

Business Asset Tracking

Stealing More Than Your Assets

A lot of businesses use an asset tracking system to help them compile data. Data such as this could include sales figures, shareholder information, and the account numbers you use when purchasing goods from suppliers. 

Imagine if this information was stolen. Hackers could purchase goods using your money and have the goods sent to their chosen location. Shareholder information could be made public or used to the hackers’ advantage, and so on. This is why it makes sense to ensure you only ever use an asset tracking system that works hard to keep your data safe. However, you don’t just want a tracking system that says it will keep your data safe. You should ideally use one that updates its security frequently.

Asset Tracking Software And Its Security Features

As we have already seen, it’s important that you always use asset tracking software that has good security. Some of the features that the most advanced tracking software uses include:

  • Fixed and non-fixed asset location tracking – Even non-fixed assets can be tracked so you know they are where they should be at all times. 
  • Asset checking in and checking out function – This helps to increase security and for example, it can prevent laptops that contain important data from going missing.
  • The ability to assign assets to a specific person – This allows for even better tracking and keeps important data out of the wrong hands. It also means that should an asset go missing, you know who the last person to use it was. 
  • Barcode and QR code asset tagging – This feature allows you to track assets 24/7.
  • Public profiles – Creating public profiles shows others that you’re operating ethically. When this data is in the public domain, it can help to prevent hackers from trying to access it in the first place. 
  • Bulk actions – Wish to unassign many assets? Use the bulk actions feature to quickly do just that. Alternatively, you could make sure that many of your assets are only available when a specific password is used. However, it would not be wise to use the same password for more than a few of your assets.  

Each of the above features can help to keep your assets safer which means your business could be at less risk. 

Hackers will always look for the weakest link in any business. If you use a tracking system that has few to no passwords or you have no antivirus software, hackers could gain access. Additionally, there is always the risk that hackers will gain access and initiate a cyberattack. Keeping your assets safe via a secure asset tracking system and using multiple passwords alongside some antivirus software can lower the risks. 



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