How You Can Track Equipment Locations Using itemit

How You Can Track Equipment Locations Using itemit

Your equipment is important to you, it’s important to your business. Knowing where your assets are and how they are behaving ensures your operations run smoothly and efficiently.  From PPE to cranes and skips, itemit simplifies your equipment tracking by offering you all the functionality you need from a single place. Find out how to use itemit to keep track of your equipment across every site and location 


Using Equipment Maintenance Tracking To Reduce Downtime

How To Track Your Equipment with itemit

itemit is a modern alternative to traditional asset tracking tools. Say goodbye to out-of-date and time-consuming spreadsheets. The itemit asset tracking system comprises an iOS and Android app, so your team on the ground have instant access to the information they need and a web portal for those back in the office to run advanced asset management reporting. To track your equipment using itemit, follow these quick guides:

If you’ve already added an asset you wish to tag to your online register then follow these steps using your mobile device…

  1. Open up the itemit mobile application. 
  2. Find the asset by tapping the search button or press ‘see all’ to view a list of your assets. 
  3. In your asset register, you’ll be able to see a list of tagged and untagged assets, as well assets that have been ‘seen today’ and ‘not seen today’.  
  4. When you have found the asset you’re looking for, tap on it to open up its asset profile. Inside the asset profile you can view all the information associated with the asset, including issues, reminders, locations, tags, attachments and related items. 
  5. To add a tag to the asset profile, open up the ‘tags’ section and tap the ‘add’ button. 
  6. After that your camera will open, simply hold your phone over the tag to scan it.
  7. When you see the confirmation window pop up, tap ‘OK’.

If you haven’t yet added an asset, follow these steps using your mobile device…

  1. Open up the itemit mobile application.
  2. Tap on the ‘scan’ button.
  3. After that your camera will open, simply hold your over the tag to scan it. 
  4. When prompted, tap on ‘create new item’. This allows you to create a new item in your online asset register that is automatically tagged.

Now that your item has been tagged and registered you can quickly identify it. If you have a tagged asset physically in front of you and want to view its profile simply scan the tag from the itemit app and you will be automatically taken to its online profile. Here, you can view and edit the asset’s properties and information. And since you scanned the asset, you’ll notice that the asset’s location has been automatically updated. This happens every time someone scans an asset’s tag.

Top itemit Features for Equipment Tracking

Tagging and tracking your assets has endless benefits, here are our top features to make the whole process a breeze. 

Check Equipment In & Out

itemit provides an easy and efficient way to check equipment in and out. With itemit you can see who has your equipment and where it is. Try our equipment checkout software to see just how simple it is.

Book Equipment in Advance

With itemit you can view equipment availability in real-time and book in advance. Reserve assets via a calendar to ensure no double bookings. Choose to control check outs from a central point or allow your team to check out equipment themselves.

Move Assets in Bulk

If you want to move multiple assets from one location to another you can do so with itemit’s bulk action function. It’s features like these that will save you considerable time and headspace when it comes to tracking your equipment.

itemit’s Equipment Tracking Software

Future-proof your asset tracking and choose itemit to ensure you only ever need one system. itemit is the only solution that will let you choose from an array of tracking options including QR codes, barcodes, GPS and RFID tags, so you can find the best solution for your needs. 

Find out more about how our equipment tracking software can take your business to the next level. Contact our friendly and helpful team today. You can reach them at or you can sign up for our 14-day Free Trial to find out just how well itemit can work for you.

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