The Simple Way To Create A Hardware Inventory

The Simple Way To Create A Hardware Inventory

When you want to take full control of your hardware inventory, you need the help of reliable and easy-to-use software. Gone are the days when spreadsheets and an inventory list jotted down in a book would suffice. These days, hardware inventory management revolves around using some of the latest technology. 

As you can imagine, some inventory software is quite complicated to use. The good news is that software that’s a breeze to use does exist. It’s this software that can help you to create a hardware inventory in a relatively simple way. Let’s take a look at how you can create a hardware inventory in the simplest way possible.

Decide Where To Start

One of the good things about hardware inventory management is you can begin the process wherever you please. For example, you could consider starting in the office where most of your hardware is. Alternatively, you may wish to begin in another location as that’s where your most valuable hardware is stored. 

If you wish to, you can simply start off in the room that you’re in. Once you’ve finished in that room you can move to the next.

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Affix a Barcode To Your Hardware

Now you’ve decided where to begin, the next step is for you to affix a barcode to your hardware. Some people choose to fix a QR code, others affix an RFID tag instead. Whatever it is that you choose, affixing the barcode, for example, will allow you to track your hardware. 

Most barcodes, QR codes, etc. are fairly robust and they have been manufactured to last a long time. Some inventory management companies even offer you the chance to add your business’s logo to the tag. This is a feature that just helps your hardware to be easily identified.

Create A Digital Profile For Your Hardware

The next stage of hardware inventory management involves you creating a digital profile for your hardware. Don’t worry, this is a fairly simple procedure. As soon as you affix a barcode to the hardware and you scan it, a digital profile will automatically be created. 

Each piece of hardware will have its own profile, allowing you to add details about the hardware. This can prove to be very useful if you wish to see who wishes to book the computer for use, when the computer was purchased, etc. If this information has previously been added to the digital profile, it can be accessed as and when it is required. This is where using the right hardware inventory management software can be very beneficial.

Update Your Digital Profile With Information

The next step of the hardware inventory process is to add information to every digital profile. Some people prefer to add information as they create profiles, others are happy to add it later. 

You can add as much information to every profile as you wish. Many managers tend to add some or all of the following information to each profile:

The hardware’s

  • Make and model number
  • Serial number
  • Date of purchase
  • Cost at time of purchase 
  • Warranty details 
  • Insurance information 
  • Photograph for easier identification 
  • User manual

When some or all of the above information is added to every digital profile it makes hardware inventory management very easy. In addition to this, adding the above information isn’t difficult. In fact, it helps to make the inventory management process a relatively simple one. 

Some software will even allow you to set reminders. These can be very useful when you want to keep on top of a maintenance schedule, or you need to remind a team member that they have a presentation coming up.

Start Tracking The Location Of Your Hardware

You simply cannot make the most out of hardware inventory management if you do not track your hardware’s location. Even if all of your hardware is in the same spot all of the time, it’s absolutely worth your while tracking it. 

When you track hardware that’s used in a number of locations, you can help to keep it safe. Hardware that’s often used by other people can potentially get lost or stolen. However, when it is obviously tracked, it’s a lot less likely to become lost or stolen. The same can be said for hardware that is always in the same location. 

Some inventory management software allows people to check hardware in and out. You may also be able to book specific equipment for use. This can help you to see who is using what and when. It can also help you to understand who was using one of your work smartphones when it went missing or sustained damage.

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The Ultimate Way To Create A Hardware Inventory

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