How To Use Fixed Asset Management Software When Working From Home

Many people are working from home in the UK. Did you know, you can continue to use your fixed asset management software to save time and money? If you haven’t implemented fixed asset management, yet, it’s still a breeze to set it up remotely.

When your fixed asset management software is set up, you’ll be able to verify that your employees have all of the equipment they need to perform their duties. You’ll also be able to verify that equipment is maintained and that everything is running smoothly.

Then, if and when it’s time to return to the office, you’ll be able to use your fixed asset management software to ensure that the move is streamlined, quick, and easy.


using fixed asset management software to work from home


What Is Fixed Asset Management Software?

Fixed asset management software is a cloud-based asset tracking system which will help you view everything that you own and data related to it. So, in your fixed asset tracking app and web portal, you’ll be able to log unique asset profiles. 

On these asset profiles, you’ll add crucial data, such as depreciation information, maintenance information, and you’ll be able to use it as an equipment check in check out system.

To link your physical assets to their digital profiles, you’ll use fixed asset tags. These asset tags are stuck onto your assets, whether they’re IT assets or tools and equipment, and scanned into your fixed asset management software.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

How Does This Help With Working From Home?

The recent move towards working from home has thrown up a few new issues.

  • It’s difficult to see who has what
  • What your business owns is less visible
  • The status of your fixed assets is less visible
  • The location of your fixed assets is unknown

Fixed asset management software will help to mitigate these issues. As you’ll have a suite of asset tracking features, you’ll be able to make the most out of the additional accountability.

For example, you’ll be able to use itemit’s assignee feature to run reports to see who is responsible for which assets. This way, you’ll be able to verify that your colleagues have everything they need to act efficiently.

Assign Assets to your Colleagues

Using Your Fixed Asset Register

All of your fixed asset management efforts will come together in your asset tracking software’s reporting features. With your reports, you’ll be able to filter the information you need to see and export it.

Overall, you’ll get a full view of all of your unique assets as well as the information related to them. This is crucial for accounting and insurance purposes, and when there’s remote working involved it’s more difficult than ever to maintain a fixed asset register.

itemit will update and maintain your fixed asset register automatically. In other words, every change will update in your exportable fixed asset register. Therefore, it’s easier than ever before to create and maintain a fixed asset register for your business’ operations.

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