How To Track Your Construction Equipment With itemit

How To Track Your Construction Equipment With itemit

Whether you own or work for a construction company, it’s very likely that you’ll work hard to track all of your equipment. Ideally, every member of your team will have the tools and the equipment they need when they need it. However, this is not always the case. There may be times when the right equipment isn’t available or there’s an issue with it. This is where itemit’s construction equipment tracking software can help. 

Thanks to the way that our tracking software works, it’s possible to have a lot more control over all of your construction equipment.

Tracking Your Construction Equipment

Tracking your construction equipment is relatively easy when you use the right software. Those who sign up for our software can choose whether to attach an RFID tag or QR code to their tools and equipment. Our tags and barcodes ensure that you can track where all of your equipment is at all times.

Our construction equipment tracking software is easy to use and it can show you your equipment’s last-known location. This can be a huge help when it comes to retrieving the equipment. It can also help you to make sure that all of your tools are in the right place.

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Improving Construction Equipment Maintenance

Another very useful feature that our construction equipment tracking software provides is the ability to improve equipment maintenance. Once tools and equipment have been used for some time they can potentially fail to work well. There may also be times when tools and equipment sustain damage. Here is where our equipment tracking software can help. 

It’s possible for you to schedule maintenance reminders so that you receive an alert when some equipment, for example, needs to be checked out. This reminder ensures that you and/or your maintenance team know what needs to be looked at and when. 

A direct benefit of this feature is that your construction company could save money. When equipment and tools are repaired more frequently they are likely to last much longer. As a result, you could spend a lot less money replacing those all-important tools.

Tool Recognition

Our construction equipment tracking software allows you to upload photographs of your tools and equipment. This feature ensures that you can recognise which tools are yours and which may belong to someone else. It can also make sure that you know the piece of equipment you’re about to use is the right one. 

For example, Generator A may have more power than Generator B. However, it may be hard to tell which generator is the right one to use. If you upload a photograph of each generator’s logo, for example, you can tell your team which logo they need to look out for. This ensures that the right equipment is much more likely to be used each time. 

It’s also possible for you to upload additional photographs, should you wish to. You can even leave notes for your colleagues, and they can leave notes for you. Whether the notes correspond with the photographs you’ve uploaded or not, they can prove to be very helpful. This is just another useful feature that our software offers you.

Checking Construction Equipment In And Out

Anyone who works for a construction company will know that equipment can cost thousands of pounds. Therefore, it makes sense for you to be able to track the location of each piece of equipment. In addition to this, you should also be able to heighten security by ensuring your team checks equipment in and out. 

When someone from your team needs to use a power tool, for example, they can log into our menu and check the tool out. Our construction equipment tracking software comes with this feature allowing you to see which member of your team has which piece of equipment. Not only does this feature add an extra layer of security it also helps team members to become more responsible for the equipment.

Use itemit’s Construction Equipment Tracking Software Today

Here at itemit, we work hard to make sure that our construction equipment tracking does everything you need and more. We want you to have much more control over your assets all day, every day. This is why we have made our software easy to use. Thanks to the way that it works, you can now have peace of mind. Knowing where your assets are and that they’re being taken care of can help immensely. 

Talk to a member of our helpful team today. You can reach them now at to find out what our tracking software can do for your construction company. You may wish to start a 14-day free trial instead. Simply complete the form that you can find below to make a start.

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