How to Manage Your School’s Assets This New Term

How to Manage Your School’s Assets This New Term

Your school is undoubtedly under a lot of financial pressure. As the new term begins, it’s likely that you’ll do what you can to stick to the school’s budget. This can be difficult as there are more demands than ever before to provide high quality education to every pupil.

School asset tracking software is a tool that can prove to be priceless. Allowing you to track the school’s assets, you can potentially keep your budget on track.

Your School’s Assets

Every school is likely to have hundreds if not thousands of assets. These assets can be broken down into 3 types:

  • Software assets – Assets such as these can be very expensive. Software licences, for example, can be at least a few hundred pounds per year. Thanks to the way that itemit’s school asset tracking software works, it’s possible to keep track of your software assets. This feature allows you to understand when licences run out. It also allows you to reassign the assets with ease.  
  • Physical assets – Physical assets include textbooks, laptops, stationery, whiteboards, and other necessary equipment. Attaching a QR code to each of these assets means you can track the asset’s location and make use of itemit’s other features. 
  • Fixed assets – This type of asset relates to school buildings as well as air conditioning, lighting, and heating. Our school asset tracking software works to help you maintain these assets and keep track of how they are performing 

itemit’s school asset tracking software can help you to stay in control of every single asset. Our tracking software takes the guesswork out of managing the assets. Instead, you have the ability to monitor every asset 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Business Asset Tracking

Location Tracking

As soon as a QR code or RFID label is attached to an asset it can be tracked. As long as the asset remains in the system, it can be tracked all day, every day. Users of the software can see where the asset’s last known location is. This can prove to be particularly helpful when there’s a particular need for an asset such as a laptop or a textbook. 

When an asset is located, the code or label can be scanned. The information that has been added to the system will appear. Users can add more information, edit the current information, or leave a note. This will ensure that future users will have updated information about the asset in question.

Maintenance Features

From time to time, assets will fail to work as well as they should. Here is where itemit’s school asset tracking software can help. When an asset is not working as well as it should, users can alert the maintenance team via itemit’s menu. 

Additionally, it is possible to set maintenance reminders ensuring that all assets regularly undergo maintenance. This feature alone ensures that every asset is likely to last longer. This is thanks to each asset receiving the maintenance it needs, as and when it is required. With the ability to potentially reduce costs, assets are less likely to need replacing. As a result, your school’s budget can stay on track. 

The reminder feature can also be valuable as far as PAT testing reminders are concerned. All electrical assets need to be PAT tested regularly. itemit’s bulk reminder tool can help with this. Users of the software will receive an alert that PAT testing is due soon, helping to keep all electrical assets safe.

Accounting Features

Thanks to the way that our asset tracking software works, users can stay up to date with the school’s accounts. An automated and transparent register of every asset can be accessed at all times. Any changes that are made to the system will show in the register. 

Users can see the costs that are related to each asset. It’s also possible to understand when replacement assets need to be purchased. Additionally, the asset register can show insurance, warranty and tax details. This feature alone can prove to be hugely helpful. Users can see how much money has been spent and whether the school has exceeded the new term’s budget.

Use itemit’s School Asset Tracking Software

itemit’s school asset tracking software helps to provide schools with effective and useful asset tracking systems. Users can gain access to the software whenever they wish. This allows for successful asset tracking and maintenance. Add the accounting features to the equation and our asset tracking software can make tracking assets a breeze. 

To find out more about how our asset tracking software can help your school contact our helpful team today. You can reach them at Alternatively, you can begin a 14-day free trial and see for yourself just how much easier tracking your school’s assets can be. Fill in the form below to get started.

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