itemit The UK’s Best Asset Tracking Software

itemit The UK’s Best Asset Tracking Software

Here at itemit, we understand the power that asset tracking software has. We know that the right tracking software can help businesses to have more control over every asset. 

Our tracking software offers a specialised solution. This solution includes a database that stores a list of every asset a business owns. Details of each asset will be stored within an asset register, helping to boost productivity and improve efficiency.

The Advantages of Asset Tracking Software

Some of the advantages of using this type of software include fewer ghost assets, instant location detection, improved customer service, lowered administration costs, and much more. 

Let’s take a close look at some of the additional advantages of using asset tracking software:

Why itemit Is The Best Asset Tracking Software

Checking Equipment In and Out

Thanks to the way that itemit’s software works, it’s possible to check equipment in and out. The asset register that users can build allows them to check equipment out when it is required. Management can see which users have the equipment in question. They can also monitor how long users have had the equipment for. 

When the user no longer needs the equipment in question, it can be checked back in. This feature allows businesses to accurately determine whether they have enough equipment in stock. It also adds an extra layer of security which can give peace of mind.

Asset Location Knowledge

A major benefit of using itemit’s software is its asset tracking abilities. Users of the software will know where individual assets are at all times. This ensures fewer assets are lost. This knowledge also means businesses can understand whether the right assets are in the right location. Additionally, this feature makes asset retrieval very easy.

Life Cycle Tracking

Asset tracking software allows you to closely monitor assets, making it easy to track the life cycle of your assets. Every asset’s appreciation and depreciation value can be tracked. Additionally, users can track the maintenance and inspection schedules. It’s this feature that can help users to understand just how well the business is performing. Without this knowledge, it can be difficult to make assumptions about the business’s future performance.

iOS and Android Usage

itemit’s asset tracking software is not only available via the web, users can access it via an iOS or Android app. This allows for ease of use. We understand that it is not always possible to or convenient to gain access to a computer. Here is where our apps can help. By logging into an iOS or Android app, users can undertake the same tasks as they can via the web portal.

The apps that we offer allow users to track assets, report issues, undertake bulk action, and audit assets easily. Those who work in multiple locations can find this feature to be immensely helpful. It allows users to have full control over the asset register no matter where they are.

QR Codes and RFID Labels

At itemit, we make tracking possible with multiple tracking capabilities, those include QR tags and RFID. Upon request, we can send you samples of our QR tags.

Once a QR code is affixed to an asset, for example, scanning the code will open up a menu. The menu can be filled with multiple details about each asset. This allows users to understand which asset they’re viewing, how old it is, the asset’s value, its location, and much more. 

We supply QR codes as stickers or as anodised aluminium asset tags. We also supply RFID asset labels in various quantities. As we’ve already seen, when a QR code or RFID label is scanned, it is possible to see each asset’s location and important information. Additionally, users can see the asset’s full history. It’s benefits such as these that mean our software is used by businesses everywhere.

Use itemit’s Asset Tracking Software

If you would like to track all of your business’s assets with ease, itemit can help. Our asset tracking software comes complete with an impressive range of tools, more so than you may have realised. Each of the tools can help to boost your business’s productivity. You can have complete control over all of your assets at all times. With this comes an extra level of security and peace of mind. 

Please reach out to our helpful and knowledgeable team today at Alternatively, you may wish to start a 14-day free trial today so you can see how well our software works for you. Simply fill in the form below to start.

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