Tool Tracking Tips - How To Improve Construction Equipment Tracking

Construction equipment tracking can help you solve a lot of the common issues that face the construction industry. Tools going missing, asset theft and lengthy asset downtime are all problems that tool tracking can help to solve.

So, why start tracking construction equipment? Because you get more visibility and more control over your equipment, and this visibility helps you save time and money.


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Issues Facing the Construction Industry

There are many issues facing the construction industry today. Construction equipment tracking will solve many of these problems by giving you more visibility over what you own.

To name a few common problems you might find:

  • Asset theft
  • Unclear health and safety procedures
  • Asset loss
  • Costly asset downtime
  • Unclear responsibilities over assets

Overall, these issues are costing your construction business money. However, construction equipment tracking and asset management will mitigate these issues, and help you save time while you’re solving them.


Asset Management in Construction

The idea behind asset management is to have a register of your assets. You’ll be able to add any necessary data to this register, including asset maintenance histories and requirements, or asset locations.

This asset register will then show you everything you would need to know about your assets, such as the condition of assets, the person responsible for them, or where the assets are.

The idea behind construction asset management software is to simplify the process of creating, logging, and tracking this information. 

With asset management software, you get the benefit of a more automated process than a spreadsheet can provide. Check out this quick demo to see a little more about how you can streamline your construction equipment tracking:

When it comes to mitigating asset theft, you’ll also be able to use GPS tracking to view wherever your assets are in real-time.

Improving Construction Equipment Tracking

As you can see, asset management software has a wide range of benefits. How can you use this to improve construction equipment tracking? By applying a lot of the above asset tracking principles to your tools and equipment.

The use of an asset register, for example, is incredibly effective as it shows you everything you own. This makes it a lot easier to see any potential gaps in your expenses or your equipment use. Therefore, you lose fewer assets.

As you’ll also be able to see data related to asset use and interaction, you’ll also be able to make better-informed decisions. So, if you know that a piece of equipment is used incredibly frequently, you’ll also know that it’s worth purchasing another.

Maintenance is also streamlined with the use of reminders and issues management features. These features tell you and your maintenance team which assets require maintenance, whether reactive or routine, and when the maintenance is required.

You can mix and match construction equipment tracking features, too. So, you’ll be able to check equipment out when it’s required for maintenance, meaning that your whole team can see when an asset isn’t available for use.

Health and safety is much easier to improve, too, as you’ll be able to track and manage PPE. Knowing how many helmets you have and being able to assign this equipment to your colleagues makes everything a lot more visible and a lot safer.

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