Why Is IT Inventory Management Important?

IT inventory management allows you to keep an up to date and accurate register of all the IT assets you own. You’ll also be able to scale your IT inventory management software to other assets, improving fixed asset tracking operations, for example.

The overall benefit is that you get control over your IT asset register back. If you’re currently using a spreadsheet, you’ll know that a lot of functionality is missing. With IT inventory management software, you get more automation and more transparency over asset-related changes.


using a computer asset management system


What Is IT Inventory Management Software?

IT inventory management software is a place where you can log and manage all of your IT assets. Any changes these assets undergo when you’re using them can be logged quickly and automatically.

Therefore, as you track your IT assets, you’ll also be automating many of your business’ existing operations. For example, insurance procedures are simplified as you’ll be able to track where assets are as well as any interactions with them.

The way it works is by allowing you to log unique asset profiles of your IT assets. Therefore, if you’re tracking laptops, each laptop will get an individual asset profile.

On this profile, you can log critical data against the asset. This can be anything from maintenance information to the asset’s location, or the colleague who is responsible for the said asset.


Using Asset Tags

Asset tags will further automate your asset tracking operations. You’ll be able to stick QR code asset tags to your IT assets and link these tags to the corresponding asset profile.

Every time you scan an asset’s tag in your IT asset management software, the last seen location of the asset, as well as the user who scanned the tag, will update. The asset’s profile will open simultaneously, ready for editing.

Therefore, if you notice an issue with one of your assets, the process of reporting the issue is simple. All you need to do is scan the asset’s tag to open the profile and use your “issues” feature.

How Does IT Inventory Management Software Save You Money?

Overall, you save money with additional transparency and accountability over your assets. As you’ll have a robust IT asset register, the chance of ghost and zombie assets are minimised greatly, meaning you get earned tax breaks and accurate insurance quotes.

You also save time, meaning you have more time to spend on other critical operations. As you can keep an accurate asset register simply by scanning tags and generally working on your asset tracking, you’ll be able to save time, and therefore money, when you’re auditing your assets.

Finally, additional accountability means that you’ll lose fewer assets and purchase fewer duplicates. Knowing exactly who has which asset and how often it’s being used allows you to make clearer business decisions.

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