Getting Started with itemit Asset Tracking Software

Whether you’re looking for an excellent asset tracking software or if you’ve downloaded the itemit app, you’ll want to get started right away.

With itemit, setting up is easy so you can start your new asset tracking processes in no time!

We’ve made a few YouTube videos to help you get up and running. Check out this demo video for a quick overview of what itemit can do for you.



Download/ Signup and Create a Pro Workspace

When you’ve downloaded the app or opened our web portal, all you need to do is sign up and create a pro workspace.

To sign up, enter your details. Then, to create a pro workspace, click on your name in the top right in the web portal, or in the top left menu in the app. Here, you can create a pro workspace to unlock all of our features.



Tag Your Assets

For better asset tracking and management, you can use our QR Code asset tags or RFID tags

Tagging is a simple process of identifying your assets and linking the tags to their asset profiles.

If you work in the construction industry or want to track plant equipment or heavy-duty tools, you can use our durable anodised aluminium tags.



Adding Users

Next, you’ll want to add your users to your pro workspace. This way, they’ll be able to see the pro workspace and interact with it.

You can limit your colleagues’ permissions and customise what they can and can’t see. 

Once you’ve added them as a user, they’ll receive an email prompting them to sign up.

When all of your colleagues are using your workspace, asset tracking is much simpler and much more transparent. Audit trails and accountability are automatically improved with itemit’s asset tracking software.



Explore our Asset Tracking Features

Once everything is tagged, and you’ve added your users, you’ll be able to explore all of itemit’s useful features. 

If you need to book equipment in and out, for example, you’ll be able to use our check-in/check-out feature. If you’re in facilities management, you’ll be able to use our public profiles feature to streamline your processes.



To find out more about our features, you can follow this link which will take you to our tutorial playlist on YouTube.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your asset tracking needs, you can contact us at, or you can fill in the form below.


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