The Future Of Equipment Management And Emerging Technologies

The Future Of Equipment Management And Emerging Technologies

Your equipment needs to be looked after. From the moment you purchase it and throughout its lifecycle, you need to use an equipment management system. When you use a system such as this you’re more likely to have tools, vehicles, facilities, and equipment in good working order. However, there’s a real chance that your current equipment management may not work with any emerging technologies. 

So, just what are these emerging technologies, and will you need to upgrade your current management system? Let’s take a look at this now.

The Emergence Of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality seems to be predominantly used in the gaming world right now. It is also used by a popular online store, allowing would-be purchasers to see if a sofa would fit in their living room. With regards to future use, augmented reality could help users to learn more about an asset listed in their equipment management system.

Secondly, this relatively new technology could help users to locate assets with ease. When using the technology, users could see exactly where the much-needed asset is. For example, they could see where a box of books is stored in a cramped warehouse. A shoe seller could see where a customer’s handmade shoes are being stored in the back room. A nurse could see if an ECG machine is still on the same ward.

While this is all conjecture for now, there’s a real opportunity for augmented reality to help in many ways in the workplace. For example, someone who has recently purchased a new printer could use augmented reality to access user instructions.

Business Asset Tracking

Maintaining Assets From Wherever You Are

A lot more people work from home now. As a result, the use of an equipment management system has become more essential. Management systems such as this now mean that assets can be maintained from wherever you are. This ensures that your equipment, machinery, tools, vehicles, and even buildings are kept in better condition.

While keeping your tools, etc. in good condition is relatively easy now, it’s likely that it will become even easier. Diagnostic equipment, for example, may become more accurate. It may also be possible to receive more detailed reports about what has gone wrong with an asset. A result of this means that making repairs could be quicker and easier. If the diagnostic equipment was also linked to the software that automatically orders new parts, the right parts would be in stock all of the time. What this means is that repairs could be carried out sooner rather than later. The good news is that this is not something that’s completely new. Depending on the equipment management system that you use, maintaining assets could already be rather futuristic.

Boosting The Safety Of Your Team

Increasing the safety of your team is absolutely vital. No matter where you work and what you do, your team needs to be safe at all times. Some emerging technologies seem to suggest that it will be easier to keep your team safer. When your equipment management system detects an issue, it could be resolved quickly. This may be as a result of the right people being informed as soon as something goes wrong. As long as those responsible for carrying out repairs carry them out quickly, everyone should be safe again. 

One day, machines and equipment could repair themselves. Indeed, some computers do as they reset the software to a time before an incident took place. However, machine and equipment self-repairs are perhaps a very long way off. Still, it never hurts to hope that one day it may be possible.

The Increased Use Of QR Codes

Many asset tracking technologies use QR codes today. However, it looks as though these codes may become even more popular in the workplace. QR codes aren’t just used for tracking assets, they’re also used to protect things that are worth stealing and hacking. 


  • Imagine that test equipment for an electric vehicle goes missing
  • Perhaps a wind farm’s charge controller is stolen 
  • Maybe a new fleet of vehicles is sent to the wrong depot 


The data provided by QR codes are likely to become even more accurate, allowing for those misplaced/stolen assets to be retrieved relatively easily. The information available about each asset may also be hugely detailed. This could potentially help users to tell one asset from another or simply allow them to organise their assets more effectively. 


Is your current management system still receiving updates? Will it work with new technologies or will it leave you lagging behind? This is something to consider if you are not satisfied with the performance of your management system. It’s also something to bear in mind if you’ve not yet started using asset tracking software. As long as the system/software you use is modern, receiving updates, and able to adapt to new technologies, you’re good to go. If it isn’t you could be missing out on some exciting new developments. 

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