Benefits of Hospital Asset Tracking Systems

Benefits of Hospital Asset Tracking Systems

Assets are a hugely important part of any business. However, they are of utmost importance in a hospital. The assets that are found in a hospital are typically used to improve patients’ health and even save lives. This is why it is crucial that assets are tracked. 

Below, you will find just some of the benefits associated with hospital asset tracking.

Improved Patient Care

While all hospitals work to make sure that all patients receive high quality care, standards can slip. This may be as a result of a lack of staff, but it can also be affected by misplaced assets. Some assets may be used in more than one hospital department. On occasions such as this, it would be useful to employ the right hospital asset tracking system. 

When assets are tracked, they can be located with ease. Nurses, doctors, and other hospital workers can track the assets in question and retrieve them as needed. As a result, patients are likely to receive treatment much more quickly. This can improve patient care as those who are treated quickly are more likely to recover.

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Increased Productivity

Approximately one-third of staff can spend time looking for equipment. In some cases, it can take up to an hour for hospital staff to find the equipment they need. However, when itemit’s hospital asset tracking software is used, assets are found quickly.

As soon as a QR tag or RFID code is added to the asset, it can be tracked. As long as the asset’s details have been entered into itemit’s system, it’s possible to locate the assets quickly. 

Hospital staff can log into itemit’s system and locate the much-needed within moments. The asset’s last-known location will be shown, making it easy to find and retrieve the asset. As a result, hospital staff will spend less time looking for equipment. Therefore, there will be increased productivity. Not only is time saved, but there’s a real potential for more lives to be saved.

Reduced Costs

As itemit’s asset tracking software allows users to set up a maintenance schedule, long-term term costs will be reduced. Every single asset that is tracked can have its own maintenance schedule. When assets are checked to ensure they’re working effectively, issues can be found. What this means is damaged assets can be repaired, resulting in fewer replacement assets being purchased. 

Additionally, should an asset become damaged, users can send a message to the maintenance team. The team will receive an alert, read the message, and repair the asset. When assets are repaired quickly, it ensures that every member of the hospital team has the equipment they need.

Improved Inventory Management

As itemit’s hospital asset tracking system allows users to add details of every asset, inventory management is improved. A list of all of the hospital’s assets will be added to the system. Hospital management can take a look at the inventory as and when they please and take the appropriate action. 

Hospital management can see:

  • When more heart monitors, for example, are needed
  • When there are surplus medicine cabinets
  • Where each of the assets are at any given time 
  • Which assets are waiting to be repaired 
  • Which assets have gone missing 

When it’s clear exactly how many assets the hospital has, more accurate decisions can be made about future purchases. As a result, hospital funds can be used in the areas that require them the most.

Improved Asset Life Span

In addition to being able to schedule asset maintenance, it’s possible to improve asset life span. As we have already seen, assets that are damaged can be repaired quickly. This ultimately means that each asset is likely to last longer than it otherwise would. Not only does this mean that hospitals are more likely to have the tools they need, but it also helps to reduce spending. 

Knowing that every single asset can last longer means patient care is likely to be of a higher standard. The right equipment can be used at the right time, helping more patients to recover successfully.

Itemit’s Hospital Asset Tracking System

Thanks to the way that it works, itemit’s hospital asset tracking system can be hugely beneficial to every hospital. Patients are more likely to receive the care they need, and hospital staff are more likely to have the equipment they need. 

Everyone is aware of how much hospitals struggle to get the funds they need. However, using itemit’s hospital asset tracking software can make a huge difference. If you would like to hear more about our asset tracking system, please reach out to us today. You can contact us at Alternatively, you could sign up for our 14-day Free Trial to find out just how well the right tracking software can help your team and your patients.

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