Why Fixed RFID Is The Future Of Asset Tracking


Asset Tracking has already come a long way in the past ten years. In the past, a spreadsheet was the gold standard for asset tracking and management operations, but this is no longer the case.

Spreadsheets create unwieldy and unmanageable operations. Every time an asset’s status changes, this needs to be updated. If this is done manually, there is a much higher chance of human error.

Then, asset tracking software came along. At first, the benefit was clear. With the use of asset tags, your colleagues could now audit and edit asset information remotely. With the development of more shareability, this software became more useful and more automated, as somebody onsite could report an issue on an asset and your maintenance team could see what the issue is, which asset has a fault, and where the asset is from any location in an instant.

The next step, therefore, is more automation. How? Fixed RFID asset tracking.


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What Is Fixed RFID Asset Tracking?

Fixed RFID asset tracking is a development from RFID functionality. When asset tracking was in its infancy, most of the functionality was related to barcode and QR code asset tags.

With handheld RFID readers, more automation was opened up. Barcodes and QR code asset tags require a line-of-sight to be scanned, meaning this form of asset tracking wasn’t suitable for all of your assets. Some assets, such as high-value paintings, for example, need the asset’s tag to be hidden.

Handheld RFID readers allowed for asset auditing and asset edits without this line-of-sight, opening up more functionality for high-value collections and for hospitals, as sometimes healthcare asset tracking needs to be performed from a distance.

The next step is fixed RFID asset tracking, where assets can be audited and tracked in a totally automated way. The assets need only be logged and scanned for your fixed RFID readers to pick up on an asset’s movement.


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How Does RFID Work?

RFID works by allowing an RFID reader to pick up a radio frequency from an RFID tag. In other words, your RFID readers, whether fixed or handheld, will pick up on a unique asset tag and pull in the corresponding asset’s information from this.

Fixed RFID readers have antennas that can also pick up on the direction the tag is moving in. As your asset management system will have linked the tag to the asset, therefore, the fixed RFID reader will know which asset is moving in which direction.

In practice, this translates to your asset management system reading which direction your asset is moving in automatically and updating this in your system. So, if you move some medical equipment from ward A to ward B, your strategically placed fixed RFID readers will update this movement within your asset tracking software.

The overall benefit of this is that you can see exactly where your assets are and track their movements, minimising the chances of losses and totally automating asset audits, giving you a transparent view of your fixed asset register.


The Future Of itemit’s Fixed RFID Asset Management System

Fixed RFID is the future of asset tracking as it allows you to run visible, automated, and exportable audits of a large number of assets. Asset tracking is always moving towards more automation, and itemit’s asset tracking system is leading the charge.

While spreadsheets would need total manual input, fixed RFID asset management requires minimal input, giving you and your colleagues a clear view of what’s going on during your day to day operations.

itemit’s fixed RFID asset tracking system is a world first. In the past, setting up fixed RFID asset tracking would require a few things:


  • Technical knowledge of RFID
  • A lengthy setup time
  • A huge budget
  • An element of trial and error
  • Bespoke discussions, consultancy, and implementation


Thanks to itemit, none of this is true anymore. Our fixed RFID system is designed to work off-the-shelf and the setup time is designed to take minutes rather than months. You don’t need any prior knowledge of RFID, either, simply plugin and start tracking your assets.

itemit is providing the world’s first off-the-shelf, simple fixed RFID asset tracking system, ready for anyone to use in a few moments.

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