Using Equipment Maintenance Tracking To Reduce Downtime

Using Equipment Maintenance Tracking To Reduce Downtime

Equipment maintenance tracking gives you more visibility over how your assets are behaving. Not only is it important to monitor what’s happening when things go wrong, but it’s also important to generally track your equipment assets to ensure that downtime is less likely.

This is where asset tracking software comes in. Asset tracking software allows you to monitor, track, and control your equipment and tools, making it easier to minimise downtime and save time and money in the process.

How Does Construction Equipment Asset Management Save You Money

Logging Your Assets On Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking software works by allowing you to log individual assets as individual, digital profiles. In other words, each of your spanners will have a profile, each of your laptops and so on and so forth.

This creates simpler asset tracking operations as it makes adding critical information and data against assets easy and effective. So, if you wish to track where an asset is onsite, you’ll be able to log that as a location.

This means you can also add asset information, such as make, model, and supplier, and other important details. Critically, these details can include maintenance information, simplifying equipment maintenance tracking.

Using Reminders & Issues Management

The main features you’ll be using are reminders and issues management. As the core of your equipment maintenance tracking system will be focused on the uniquity of assets, these features will be customisable.

In other words, you can customise your reminders so that you can use them for IT asset management or for fixed asset management or tools and equipment tracking.

Therefore, if it’s routine or pre-emptive maintenance, it can be a repeating PAT test reminder or a calibration, depending on what the asset is.

Another feature you can use is an issues management system. This is helpful for reactive maintenance. In tandem with asset tags, the issue-reporting procedure is simply scanning an asset and reporting an issue. Once this is done, the issue is logged as well as the user who reported it and the location of the asset when the asset was reported, making maintenance easy.

Critically, every time a reminder becomes due or an issue is reported, your account administrators will get an email. This means that issues and maintenance can be kept on top of and addressed quickly, reducing downtime.

Check In Check Out Software

You’ll also be able to use your asset tracking software as check in check out software. This, again, is customisable to your asset-level needs. So, you can check out assets in a more conventional sense or you can check them out to indicate they’re undergoing maintenance.

So, where issues reporting and reminders assist with the reduction of actual maintenance time and, therefore, downtime, booking or checking out an asset can mitigate the effects of downtime.

This is because your team will know at a glance that asset is unavailable and how long for. This means that they can plan their time with more information and they know to use other assets and spend time on other things, without needing a wasted trip to the asset with an issue.

Saving Money Through Downtime Reduction

The reduction of asset downtime is critical as it can lead to high costs, disruption, and operational problems. This is why simple but effective features save you time and money.

So, equipment maintenance tracking software helps you save time and money through the reduction of asset downtime in a few ways. First of all, you’re able to predict maintenance and log when it is needed. This reduces the length of the downtime. 

Then, you’re able to log when downtime is occurring in a visible way. This mitigates the slack time downtime can cause as your colleagues know what they can and can’t work on.

When you use asset tracking software, you also get the benefits of fixed asset tracking capabilities as well as location tracking, depreciation tracking, auditing capabilities and more.

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