Effectively Track Your Camera Equipment: Here’s How

Effectively Track Your Camera Equipment: Here’s How

When you use cameras frequently you no doubt end up with a lot of different equipment. Along with the lenses and tripods that you have to deal with, you need to take care of everything else. This is not always easy, but when you use equipment tracking software you can effectively track everything. 

When you are able to track everything in no time at all you have less to worry about. What this means for you is that you can get on with completing other tasks.

Add Your Equipment To Your Tracking Software

When you start tracking all of your camera paraphernalia you choose to give yourself a gift. You allow yourself to take better care of your paraphernalia. Before we get into this, though, we first need to consider adding your equipment to your tracking software. You do this by affixing a barcode or an RFID tag to your equipment. 

As soon as a tag has been attached you can scan it. This will bring up a digital profile which you can add multiple pieces of information to. The more you add, the better equipment tracking experience you’re likely to have. Consider adding details such as the asset’s model number, make, price at purchase, and warranty and insurance information. Once you’ve added such information, and maybe even more you can begin your tracking experience.

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Begin Tracking Your Equipment’s Location

One of the first things that you should do when you use equipment tracking software is to check its location. You should see each asset’s location via your online portal. Whether you log in via a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone you should be able to see where everything is. Let’s imagine that you have a new tripod to which you’ve attached an RFID tag. You scan the tag and the tripod’s digital profile opens up. You are then given the option to check its location. When you do, you can see exactly where the tripod is located. OK, so this may not be useful right now, but it could be useful in a week when you need to see where your tripod is. All you’ll need to do is to click on its digital profile and you’ll be shown where your tripod is. 

As long as you have added a piece of equipment to your new tracking software you can see where it is. You can take the guesswork out of everything by using the software to help you track everything.

Create Camera Equipment Collections

Did you know that you can add specific collections to your equipment tracking software? Simply create a new collection and add the required assets to it. This feature ensures that you can organise everything, should you need to. 

Let’s imagine that you have a photoshoot next week. You need to take 3 sets of lights with you and plenty of batteries, along with everything else. Adding the lights, batteries, and much more means that come next week, you’ll know exactly what to take. When you add assets to collections you can understand whether you have everything you need. This ensures you can get everything you need together before you need to leave for the shoot.

Manage Repairs Easily

When you use equipment tracking software you have the ability to manage repairs easily. You know those lights that always break down? You can send them for repairs as soon as a situation occurs. When you do, you can stay on top of the repairs. This ensures you’re more likely to have the equipment you need at all times. 

Did you know that you could set up a maintenance schedule? Add a schedule for everything so that you can take better care of it. When you do, you can start enjoying using equipment that’s well-looked after and lasts longer.

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Have Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Equipment’s Secure

Finally, using equipment tracking software to track everything means you know where it is at all times. You can have peace of mind knowing that everything is secure and safe. You can know where your lenses and cameras are. You can see whether your battery chargers are in the right place. It’s possible to see whether the right people have the right cameras. 

Keep all of your equipment secure by using tracking software that helps you to locate it. Should something go astray you can see where it is as long as the tag is affixed. Consequently, you could retrieve it and use the asset as required. It, therefore, makes sense for you to track everything. Whether you’re a sole trader or a multinational corporation, you can benefit from tracking your assets.  


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