Tips For Boosting Security With Asset Tracking Software

Tips For Boosting Security With Asset Tracking Software

When you own or run a business you want to make sure that security is a priority. However, this can occasionally be easier said than done. You can put locks on all of the doors, install cameras, have smart doorbells, and much more. When it comes to making sure that your assets are secure, it can be a different story if they’re never in one place. Keeping an eye on your assets when they’re often moved here and there can be tricky.

Even if you don’t have assets that are moved here and there you may want to boost security. This is where asset tracking software can help. It can potentially make office equipment management so much easier while giving you peace of mind. This article takes a look at how and why.

Start Tracking Everything

It’s time for you to start tracking everything. The sooner you do, the sooner you will boost security. Don’t worry, the tracking process is quite an easy one. In fact, many asset tracking companies do what they can to make the process easy. The easier it is, the more assets you can track.

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How To Track Your Office Equipment

To begin with, attach a barcode or RFID tag to each asset you want to track. When you do, you’ve taken the first step to complete office equipment management. The next stage is to scan the tag and a profile will open up. Populate the profile with information about the asset and you’re done. You can now track the asset in question.

Why Security Is Automatically Boosted

So why is it that security is automatically boosted? It’s simple. When you track your equipment it is a lot less likely to get misplaced. The term ‘misplaced’ refers to assets that have been lost or stolen. 

When users of your assets see or know that there’s a tracking tag on your equipment they’re more likely to take care of it. You’ll soon start to see that fewer assets are going to go missing. You may also realise that fewer assets will become damaged. Why is this the case? Because they will be better taken care of. This is just one of the benefits of using office equipment management software.

How To Eliminate Ghost Assets

Ghost assets are those assets that are broken or have been misplaced. These assets may still be ‘in the system’, as such. The presumed value of the assets may not have changed which means your business may not have accurate figures. Don’t worry, office equipment management can help with this. When you know what assets you have you can eliminate those ghost-like ones. You’ll know exactly what assets you have and which ones need to be repaired. As a result, those old ghost assets can be used as standard once more.

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Tips For Increasing Security Even Further

Did you know that you can increase security even further? The check-in and check-out feature has been made so that you can track who is using what. You can also use the regular tracking feature to see if your assets are in the right location. Why not have a colleague send you a message once the assets have arrived in the desired location? This will help you to understand where everything is so you can make the most of office equipment management.

Keep New Office Equipment Safe

It’s very likely that you’re going to buy new office equipment at some point. It would be a mistake, however, for you to automatically assume that it is safe. You keep track of your other computers, etc. and know that they’re safe. But, you need to also keep your new purchases safe. So, make sure that you use your office equipment management software and add your new office chairs, desks, computers, and anything else to the software. When you do, you can help to keep it just as safe as everything else. This can bring you peace of mind while helping you to understand whether you have the assets you need.

Locating Misplaced Assets

It’s fair to say that from time to time some assets get misplaced. This can potentially be quite expensive for you. The good news is that your tracking software can help you to locate your assets. It can also help you to save money.

If one of the assets that you’re tracking has gone missing you can look for its location. Simply log into your office equipment management software and select the asset. You should then be able to see where it is. What this means is that you can potentially retrieve the asset rather than having to replace it. 



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