How itemit Can Realistically Save Your Business Money

How itemit Can Realistically Save Your Business Money

As our economy shows no sign of changing for the better as yet, businesses everywhere are doing what they can to save money. From using energy-saving techniques to looking for less costly suppliers, businesses are coming up with money-saving plans. 

Here is where itemit’s asset management software can help. Our software exists to make your life easier. Not only is it a very useful piece of software, but it can also help you to save money. Irrespective of what industry you work in, our asset management software can help. 

Below, you can find more information about how our software can realistically help your business to save money.

Eliminating Ghost Assets

No matter how hard you may try, it can seem impossible to eliminate ghost assets. Ghost assets are those which are still considered to be in the system/warehouse, etc, but for whatever reason, they no longer exist. 

Perhaps an asset has become damaged and has been set to one side, awaiting repair. However, the maintenance team is unaware there’s an issue with the asset, therefore, it has not been repaired. As a result, the damaged asset sits in the warehouse or store cupboard not being used. This means that while the records show that there are 10 handheld scanners, for example, in use, there are only 9. 

Here is where using the right management software can help. Our software can make reporting issues to the maintenance team very easy. Users simply have to leave a note for the maintenance team, stating what they think is wrong. The team can then action the request and get that handheld scanner working once more. 

Another way that itemit helps to eliminate ghost assets is thanks to the asset tracking abilities it provides. Every single asset can be tracked, meaning far fewer, if any, are likely to get lost or stolen. When ghost assets are eliminated, businesses can spend less money replacing them. As a result, the funds that would have been spent replacing the lost or stolen assets can be used elsewhere.

Business Asset Tracking

Offering Accountability and Transparency

Thanks to the way that our asset management software works, it’s possible to have full accountability and transparency. When a business has a complete and full record of its assets, every operation will be more accountable. It will be possible to see exactly which assets you have, which team member is using which assets, and where the assets are. Users can have this knowledge at their fingertips within a few moments. 

Every single asset can be accounted for thanks to our asset management software. It’s also possible to build up an asset history so you can see how every asset is used. It’s also possible to see if you have enough assets to hand or if you need to order more. You can see which site has too many assets and which does not have enough. Therefore, sending surplus assets from one site to another can seem possible. Add itemit’s tracking capabilities into the equation and you can track the progress of each asset’s journey.

Tracking All Of Your Assets

As we have already seen, our asset management software allows users to track all of their assets. However, it may not yet be clear exactly how this is achieved. Here at itemit, we supply all of our customers with asset tags or QR codes. The tags and codes need to be affixed to each of your assets. 

As soon as an asset tag or QR code is affixed, a digital profile can be created. Once a profile is created, it is possible to enter as much detail about each asset as you wish. Additionally, as soon as a profile is created, the asset in question will start to be tracked. As a result, users can see the asset’s last-known location. 

Should you wish to find a particular asset, you simply need to log into itemit’s menu. From there, you can select the asset in question and see where the asset is. This ensures you have an extra layer of security surrounding all of your assets. It also ensures that you can easily find and use any asset that you need. 

The ability to track all of your assets can save time and money. Business owners no longer need to spend time searching for particular assets, they can see where the assets are in a matter of moments. This can help businesses to become much more productive. Tasks can be completed much quicker and money can be saved.

Use itemit’s Asset Management Software To Save You Money

You too can make use of itemit’s asset management software to help you save money. With many additional benefits and an easy-to-use menu, it’s no wonder more and more businesses are signing up for our software. 

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today to talk about how well itemit can work for you. You can reach our team at: Alternatively, you could fill in the form below to start a 14-day free trial.

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