The Best Assets To Add To Your Asset Register

The Best Assets To Add To Your Asset Register

An asset register is a list of all the assets your business owns. There are many different types of asset register, including IT asset registers, fixed asset registers and more.

What you add to your asset register will, in part, depend on your business. Your fixed assets will be similar to other businesses to an extent as they will include laptops, phones and monitors. In the same way, your IT asset management operations will also be similar.

However, the additional, extra, weird and wonderful assets are what make your business. Whether that’s your office plant, mascot or if it’s a piece of bespoke kit.

What Should You Log On IT Asset Register Software?

Fixed & IT Asset Management

So, let’s start off with the basics. Fixed asset management and IT asset management are essential to your business. Therefore, you need to add all of your fixed assets to your asset tracking software.

Therefore, you’ll need to add each bit of furniture, each laptop and each tool that you and your colleagues use. The idea behind this is that you can track what your business owns, who is using it and how.

Overall, this provides you with a transparent fixed asset register that you can then use for tax and insurance purposes, as well as to prevent risks such as asset losses or duplicate purchases.

Everyone will track their IT assets in a similar way and so your asset tracking software is guaranteed to handle IT asset management and fixed asset management on a basic level at the very least.

Bespoke Equipment & High-Value Assets

Next, it gets a bit more complicated. If you’re asset tracking for a lab or if you have high-value asset audits you need to adhere to, you’ll need to add these assets to an effective asset tracking software.

While most asset tracking software will handle IT asset management or fixed asset tracking, if your assets are more niche, you may need to look further for better software.

For example, for high-value assets, you may need to use RFID asset tracking to conceal your asset tags or you may need more customizability or fluidity if you’re tracking lab equipment.

When you opt for a customisable system that has unique asset management at its core, you’ll be able to add any assets and manage them, even adding them to your fixed asset finances.

The Best Assets To Add To Your Asset Register

So, we’ve established the best of business asset tracking. You need to be able to track IT assets, fixed assets, and your business’ other assets on your asset register.

Once you’ve done this, you can run reports on these assets, export your fixed asset register and save time and money. The more customisable your asset management software is, the more time and money you save.

So, with all of that, what are the best assets to add to your asset register? It is, of course, the weird and wonderful. The best asset tracking software is built to let you track and manage any asset. 

Therefore, why not add your office’s plant to your asset tracking and track who watered it last? Why not add your mascots and your pictures and everything else that makes your office your office?

The best asset tracking software lets you do what you like with your asset management. Make the most of it and add unique data to whatever you like.

itemit’s Asset Management Solution

itemit’s asset management solution lets you keep your business’ assets separate from your fun assets, but that doesn’t mean that fixed asset management isn’t made simple and fun with the system.

Companies from around the globe use itemit to track a huge range of different types of assets. We work with theatres, labs, universities, film production companies, charities and more.

If you have asset management needs that you think may be too complex, why not contact our team? We’ll walk you through what your asset tracking will look like and consult with you on your options.

Find out more by contacting us at If you want to give the system a go for yourself, you can fill in the form below to activate your very own 14-day free trial.

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