Using Asset Tracking Software To Track Construction Equipment

Using Asset Tracking Software To Track Construction Equipment

Asset tracking software makes tools and equipment tracking simpler. This is true in any industry, but there are many benefits that assist in construction specifically.

As you can tailor asset tracking software to your industry and use case, if you’re in the construction industry, you can benefit from a suite of features including equipment booking capabilities and location tracking.

Overall, construction equipment tracking software helps save you time and money by improving your operations.

Construction Equipment Asset Tracking System

Which Industries Can Use Asset Tracking Software?

All businesses have assets. This is why the core of asset tracking software is the ability to log unique assets and add unique data against these assets.

In other words, if a company wishes to track their office’s assets, they can use the system as an IT asset management software and as a fixed asset register software.

Why is this relevant to construction? As the construction industry has one of the biggest overlaps in terms of asset tracking needs. Construction companies will have equipment, tools, IT assets and fixed assets, and all must be tracked effectively.

This is why it’s helpful to note that asset tracking software can be used in any industry, as the ways many industries use the software are applicable to a construction equipment tracking use case.

Using Asset Tags To Track Tools And Equipment

Asset tags improve your asset tracking operations. Asset tags are physical tags that you stick onto your tools and equipment. Then, you can scan these tags into your asset management system.

Every time you scan an asset’s tag, the asset’s last seen location updates, the user who scanned the tag is logged and a timestamp is created. This gives you a full audit trail of your asset interactions.

The other benefit is that every scan opens up an asset’s profile. Therefore, if you’ve logged that an asset requires routine maintenance, you can scan the tag and log the change in an instant.

Getting A Return On Investment From Asset Tracking Software

How does all of this give you a return on investment? It’s simple: an accurate asset register prevents costly gaps. These gaps are ultimately what will minimise your profits as, for example, ghost and zombie assets will eat into your tax returns and could cause fines.

An accurate asset register also minimises the chance of duplicate purchases or other common mistakes. Then, the improved audit trail you get from tracking your assets means that you’re less likely to lose them.

Then, there are the other benefits you get from the speed you can track assets with. In other words, asset tracking software gives you free time as you save time doing critical operations.

This time can be spent on other things, now, and doesn’t need to be dedicated towards double, triple, and quadruple checking an asset register.

Further Asset Tracking Capabilities

Asset tracking software is malleable, customisable, and controllable. This means that you can use it to track any assets within your construction business.

You can use many helpful features to automate asset location tracking and to log wherever your assets are on or off site. Then, you can run speedy audits on your assets thanks to dedicated tagging features.

Maintenance is simplified through an effective reminders system and the ability to log reactive issues, notifying your team at any moment if a problem needs to be addressed.

Then, you can track who has what further by using an effective equipment checkout system. This system allows you to monitor, log, and indicate who has which asset and when they’re unavailable.

itemit gives you all of these features and more. With itemit, you save time and money on your construction equipment tracking, which is why it’s used by construction firms across the world.

To find out more about how itemit can help you, you can contact the team at or fill in the form below to start your very own 14-day free trial – no strings attached!

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