Asset Tracking for Hospitals: Keeping Medical Equipment Safe and Secure

Asset Tracking for Hospitals: Keeping Medical Equipment Safe and Secure

Here at itemit, we understand that hospital asset tracking is vital to all hospitals. As essential equipment can cost thousands of pounds, tracking it is of huge importance. When hospital equipment is successfully tracked it can be much safer and more secure. 

However, it’s not always clear just how tracking hospital assets can make equipment safe and secure. Read on for more information.

How Hospital Assets Become Safer And More Secure

Thanks to the way that our hospital asset tracking software works, all of your equipment can become safer in an instant. All that is required is for a digital profile of every piece of equipment to be created. When a digital profile is created an RFID tag or QR code can be affixed to the equipment. The code or tag is paired with the equipment via the digital profile and location tracking is possible.

When an RFID tag or QR code is affixed, it is possible to see where the equipment’s last-known location is. This is thanks to the asset tracking feature that itemit offers. Users can log into the menu, select the asset in question and locate it within a very short space of time. As long as the tag or code has been added to the digital profile it will always be tracked. 

What this means for the hospital is that it’s possible to track the equipment all day, every day. So, that much-needed heart monitor can be found with ease. It means that the medical team no longer has to hunt for it around the hospital. They can simply log into the software and see where the heart monitor is. It takes little effort and little time.

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Reducing incidences Of Theft And Loss

Incidences of equipment theft and loss can be reduced quickly. As every piece of equipment is tracked it ensures that it is easy to find. Team members will be aware of this and are much more likely to take care of the equipment. Therefore, it is much less likely to get lost. 

Should a piece of equipment become stolen, there is a real opportunity to locate it. Thanks to the hospital asset tracking software, it can be tracked with ease. This ensures that the equipment is more likely to be retrieved.

How Hospital Assets Last Longer

It is entirely possible for itemit’s hospital asset tracking software to help equipment to last longer. When a digital profile of each piece of equipment is created, there’s an option to set at least a few reminders. A maintenance reminder, for example, can be set. 

Every piece of equipment needs to undergo maintenance from time to time. This is to ensure that it works to its best ability at all times. When a maintenance reminder is set, a member of the maintenance department will receive an alert. They will be aware of which piece of equipment needs to be checked, and when. 

If every piece of equipment is checked frequently it means they’re more likely to work well. In addition to this, it helps the hospital to save money. This is because it’s less likely that the equipment will need to be replaced. 

Should something go wrong with a piece of equipment, our hospital asset tracking can help. Users of the equipment can notify the maintenance team with ease. By simply logging into the software, the maintenance team can be alerted to any potential issue. Users can also leave notes to suggest what is wrong with the equipment, should they wish to. As a result, the equipment is more likely to be repaired sooner rather than later. This feature alone can help hospitals to save even more money.

Let itemit’s Hospital Asset Tracking Software Keep Your Equipment Safe And Secure

itemit’s hospital asset tracking software can realistically help you to keep your equipment safe and secure. It can take the guesswork out of locating your much-needed equipment. It can also help it to stay in good working order thanks to the reminders that users can set. 

It makes sense for hospitals to do all that they can to ensure medical equipment is looked after, secure, and works well. Our tracking software can help you to do all of this and much more. Talk to a member of our team today about how our tracking software can help you. You can reach our helpful team of tracking experts now at:

Alternatively, you may wish to complete the form that you can find below. Filling in the form will start our 14-day free trial, allowing you to find out just how well our software works for you. Don’t worry, there’s no need for you to give us your credit card information. You can simply complete the form and get started.

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