How Asset Tracking Can Help With Working From Home

How Asset Tracking Can Help With Working From Home

Working from home looks a lot like the Fool’s Gold we carried out of 2020. For most of us, working from home was a sweet, but unrealised dream until the pandemic came. But now, as we’re getting more familiar with the work-from-home framework, we’re discovering countless productivity challenges.

Turns out the work-from-home dream wasn’t as sweet after all. But it can be!

Waking up, freshening up, and walking straight up to your workstation with zero commuting costs, and snacking whatever you want along your workday are some of the many perks of remote work. But it has its drawbacks too. The communication gap between you and your coworkers, incessant distractions, and not being able to get into your groove can significantly decrease productivity levels. 

However, itemit’s asset tracking software can give you the productivity boost that you need. Not just that, you can keep employees engaged, increase accountability and enhance collaboration to make remote work even more productive than office work. Continue reading to learn more about how asset tracking helps you while working from home.

How Asset Tracking Can Help With Working From Home

Centralised Platform for All Asset-related Data

Tracking your assets with itemit gives you a single, integrated and accurate source of asset information all team members can use simultaneously. It empowers all stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, managers, employees and external parties like clients and auditors to find, add, edit and track business assets efficiently. 

The best part is, no matter where an asset is, authorised personnel can have all its details at their fingertips from anywhere in the world. This means you no longer have to wait around for other team members to get to know where an asset is, or who has it at the moment. Just open the itemit app, search for the asset name and voila!

Greater Accountability

Remote work can make employees more casual and relaxed about their work. Although this is not all that bad, it may lead to dips in productivity levels. But not just productivity, a weak asset tracking system can also lower asset security. When a lot of assets are being used out of the workplace and are being moved frequently, the chances of asset damage and theft increase significantly. 

itemit brings you the much-needed accountability and transparency you need to manage your company’s tools and equipment well. You can use the assignee feature to assign assets to respective team members. This will not only make each employee feel more responsible to keep their tools safe but also urge them to utilise them properly. 

Furthermore, when someone wants to find an asset, they can simply ask the assignee for its whereabouts rather than emailing every team member for it. 

Check Asset Availability Remotely

Sometimes you might need to fetch an additional asset from the office to get a job done. But how do you know the asset is not already taken by someone else? itemit’s checkout feature offers a brilliant solution.

Every time a team member takes an asset home from the office, they can ‘check out’ the asset with the itemit app. This way, everyone can tell whether or not an asset is available in the office or not. Plus, if you need a particular tool or piece of equipment in the upcoming days, you can book it via the itemit app so no one else takes it.

Schedule Maintenance Remotely

The average business operates a range of assets that need to be maintained regularly. When most or all employees are working from home, such assets can suffer. If not maintained in time, the results may be severe operational and financial breakdowns. 

Asset tracking software lets you keep track of all such assets that need maintenance. This way you can immediately know if an asset needs maintenance now or in the future so you can arrange or schedule maintenance accordingly. This reduces the risk of asset damage and keeps business operations running smoothly.

Why itemit?

There’s a vast range of reasons why you should go with itemit to enhance collaboration on assets with your employees when working from home. This is an easy-to-use and off-the-shelf solution that you can start using right away and you’ll start seeing the results from day one! 

itemit asset tracking is a cloud-based software with more than 2000 integrations including apps like Slack, Trello, Mailchimp, Google Calendar, Google Sheets and Gmail. This means all you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or PC to start using it. 

To learn more about how itemit helps you manage your assets from home, please reach out at You can also take itemit for a test drive with a 14-day free trial. Fill in the form below to start.

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